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Tuesday, January 25th 2005

10:52 AM

Face plant...

  • Feeling... sick :(
  • Pondering... why the temp changes makes you catcha cold
The weather here has been crazy.  Last time I blogged about snowmobiling and this time I'm blogging about the spring-like weather.  Anyway, we decided to take advantage of the warm temps by going for a family walk.  We put Jake into the stroller and dad pushed him, Chrysti and Heather put their rollerblades on, Katrina walked Harley, and Davey walked me...no..I mean I walked Davey. ;)  Katrina wanted to try out her skateboard, but not where the kids on our street could see her.  Christian decided to sit on it and roll along with us until she wanted it.  

Bob drained the jet skiis and then we were on our way.  We made it several yards when I heard Christian start screaming.  You guessed it...he was the one who took a face plant right into the road.  Poor kid had leaned too far forward (as daddy had just warned).  Bob picked him up and that's when we discovered he had a little rock stuck in his forehead.  It was laying on the surface, but as Bob tried to take it off..it sunk deeper.  We hurried back to the house and got him inside and Bob tried using the tweezers.  Unfortunately, with the swelling it sunk to far inside and Bob, Christian and I were off to the ER. 

Our hospital is notorious for being slow even when they aren't very busy (I'd hate to see them trying to cope with a huge trauma situation with multiple victims).  We waited for quite a while and finally were taken back to a room.  They took his vitals and the nurse put some numbing goop on his forehead.  We kept joking about his head falling asleep.    While we waited for the doc, Christian almost took another face plant onto the floor...he leaned too far forward on the bed.  Thankfully, I was sitting next to him and scooted him back. 
He was extremely brave as the doctor worked to get the rock out...the metal against the rock made a scraping, crunching sound which I'm sure was a bit disconcerting for a small boy knowing that was his forehead lol.  He finally managed to get it out and kept checking to make sure he got it all.  The little culprit was a rather pointy thing and left a small hole, so the doctor gave him two stitches (blue) and he got to wear a cool race car bandaid I brought from home.

Both the doc and nurse were impressed with my son...he fought hard against tears and won.  I was very proud of him for laying so still even though I know he was scared and it hurt a bit.  The nurse gave him five stitches and at my request, they put his rock in a specimen cup so he could show his buddy and his siblings.

We stopped on the way home to show his friend the cool stitches, rock and to give him a sticker.   Then he said he wanted to go show his family.  Awww.  As we walked into the house, Christian tripped and almost smashed his face into the door.  We made him stay put on the couch for a while lol.  Turns out...his cousin (same age) took a face plant on the ice and cut her face up.  What is it with this age and clumsiness?

We never made it on the walk, but we did have an adventure and made some memories.   And now, the weather has turned nasty (cold, foggy and drizzling...reminds me of when I lived in London) and we are all sick...why does the changing temps cause people to get colds?

Until I type again...may you avoid both face plants and colds.
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Posted by Audra Silva:

LOL...I'll tell him that...he will be thrilled to get a message. :) I think I got stitches once on the back of my head, but I think that was the only time.
Wednesday, February 2nd 2005 @ 6:59 AM

Posted by Sherry Upson:

I remember two times like that when I was a kid. It can be so scary! Never got stitches, though. Christian was so brave! Give him a hug for me and tell him his NC fanclub thinks he's very courageous, would ya?

Wednesday, February 2nd 2005 @ 5:07 AM

Posted by Audra Silva:

I think so too and he was very strong and brave. :)
Tuesday, January 25th 2005 @ 6:22 PM

Posted by A Mother's Love by Peggy:

Oh poor Christian! I can just picture him, being strong and brave! That had to hurt though!
I think the clumsines at that age has something to do with growth spurts. lol That's what they say anyways...
Tuesday, January 25th 2005 @ 12:41 PM

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