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Sunday, April 20th 2008

1:19 PM

I'm Moving!

I'm moving My Meandering Mind to my own server and using wordpress as my platform. It will take me a while to move all the posts and comments I want to the new place, but all new posts will be there. Come on over and check it out:

The New My Meandering Mind

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Sunday, April 20th 2008

9:48 AM

Where Have I Been?

We were hit hard by the flu here. Fevers, croup (it sounded like we had some barking seals in the house), sore throats, ear aches, runny noses, stuffed noses, chapped skin, sinus infections, headaches, chills, coughs, throwing up, sleep troubles…it has been loads of fun. I’ve been so tired, I’ve spoken nonsense at times lol.

We had to steam the kids, take them out in the cold air, give prescription meds, put Vicks on feet and chests, drink loads of tea, drink plenty of water, eat an immune boosting soup, take honey and lemon mixture, get lots of rest, pray, spend nights sitting up, spend days snuggling sick little ones - it’s been exhausting.

Are we done yet? Not quite. In fact, I’d love to crawl in bed as my ears and throat hurt right now, but I’ve missed blogging and figured I should let everyone know what’s up. Most of the kids are back to healthy. Hubby and I seem to be bring up the tail end of this fun round of the flu.

I will say this - there was a drastic improvement when I kicked the natural remedies into full gear. I’ll share some of what I did for a works for me Wednesday post soon over on a dash of sassitude. :)

Not only have I dealt with the flu, but I'm also getting a huge amount of spam. I've had to disable the comments for now, so you will have to leave your comment over on the tag board for now.

I'm working on a whole new look for My Meandering Mind, so stay tuned.

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Sunday, March 9th 2008

6:31 PM

The Ultimate Blog Party!

We are partying ALL. WEEK. LONG. This is my first year participating and I'm having way too much fun. I have five blogs and I've managed to come up with a unique party post on each which means I am either creative, have waaaay too much time on my hands, or I'm procrastinating like crazy. Pick A, pick A.

My Meandering Mind really is all about my meandering mind and I never know where it's going to take me any given day. That makes life exciting don't you think? Ok, it's downright scary. But not as scary as this flashback to the 80s:

Remember the big hair and scary makeup? And the clothes. Shudder. But I met my hubby in the 80's and I have many fond memories. Bad memories go away. GO. AWAY.

Here's a picture of hubby and me from that crazy decade. Weren't we cute? Check out his braces. I fell head over heels for that boy from the first moment I saw him. Literally. I'll tell you that story later.

Seriously, I strive for a sense of insanity humor with this blog. God has blessed me with the ability to laugh at myself. Apparently, He gave this gift to others because they frequently laugh at me, too.

Now I know you have other bloggy party posts to attend, so see that subscribe button right above my picture over there on the right? Just stick your email in there and then you can hear all about my FALLING in love and other meandering thoughts.

And if you want to party with me some more, check out my other blogs: a dash of sassitude, Enoikeo, Penning Prose, and Six Short of a Dozen all have unique party posts.

Please leave a fun comment before you leave. I'd love to visit your place.

The banner at the top of the page will take you to The Ultimate Blog Party. There are lots of people to get to know, blogs to check out and PRIZES to win.

My top three picks are:

♥ The Rocking Horse from A Rocking Horse to Love
♥ The webcam from Liz at This Full House
♥ A $50 gift certificate to Emily Rose

If those are already taken, I'd love the following (in order):
15, 37, 59, 55, 60, 39, 103, 87, 47, 11, 62, 34, 64, 7, 17, 46, 74, 100, 105, 104, 99, 3, 75, 28, 8, 90, 73, 70 - after that, anything is fine.

There are so many awesome things that it's really hard to choose. You don't even need a blog to participate. Now go have fun!

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Friday, March 7th 2008

2:34 AM

Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday always makes me think of hot, summer days on the beach. There isn't a beach here, but it does get hot. I'm looking forward to warmer days spent at the pool. I spent some time pruning plants and weeding out the dead stuff from our flower beds out front today. It felt great getting it cleaned up and thinking about the gorgeous flowers I want to plant this year. Which leads me to...

Today's question is

What flowers do you like to plant in your garden?

If you want to join in more Aloha Friday fun, click on the banner.

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Thursday, March 6th 2008

10:24 AM

13 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Today (#4)

13 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Today

1. Going for a walk on a warm, sunny day with a slight breeze.  I have two out of three, but it's only 45. BRRRR.

2. Playing a brilliant piece of music on my acoustic guitar which would assume I knew how to play. My goal is to learn in 2008.

3. Capturing some amazing photographs with my beautiful camera which would mean I'd have to be out and about living life instead of sitting here on this machine.

4. Writing a blog post so attention getting that I have a couple hundred comments from fans who can't help but leave their imprint on such an awesome and funny message by its own merits and not because it has a giveaway attached to it. (How's that for a rambling sentence?)

5. Reading a captivating book where I'm lost in a different world.

6. Spending some time ALONE with my sexy husband.

7. Chatting it up with my friends as we laugh about every day life moments. Oh wait - this happens tomorrow! w00t

8. Writing THE END on my novel Midnight Ride because I've been working on it LONG ENOUGH. This will happen in 2008.

9. Heading out on a road trip. I love traveling to new places and seeing new things. Always exciting.

10. Visiting family - my nearest family is about 6 hours a way (depending on how heavy your foot is on the gas pedal). I won't mention my best time.

11. Going on a ride along with my brother the cop. That would be fun.

12. Visiting Ireland. I love all things Ireland and visited there when I was a child. I want to go back someday.

13. Enjoying some laughs and giggles and hugs and kisses from my six kids. A distinct possibility and partially fulfilled already.

If you want to join in or read more Thursday Thirteen, click on the banner.

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Sunday, February 24th 2008

9:58 AM

I'm a Finalist!

This is a sticky note. Scroll down for current post. :)

I’m a finalist for the Most Evocative Haiku for the Haiku Buckaroo contest over on My Mommy’s Place. My entries can be found here and here.

I had a blast writing these and entering, but I had no idea I’d end up a finalist. :) Mine starts with ‘As the gray sky weeps…’

Go cast your votes for your favorite Haiku before it’s too late.

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Thursday, February 14th 2008

9:06 AM

13 Things I Love (#3)

Happy Valentine's Day 

♥ 13 Things I Love ♥

1. I love Jesus who gave His life for me.

2. I love my husband who looks past my flaws (most of the time) and loves me for me.

3. I love my children who add so much wonder and excitement, love and acceptance to each day.

4. I love my dogs who are always happy to see me and are content to just be near me all day.

5. I love my cats who keep me humble.

6. I love nature for its beauty, inspiration and peace.

7. I love music which soothes the soul or gets you pumping.

8. I love books which open up new worlds an dallow you to escape the busyness of this one for a while.

9. I love photography because you capture snippets of life allowing you to live it over and over again.

10. I love friends because they show you that you are not alone.

11. I love blogging because you meet so many interesting people and get a peek into their lives.

12. I love relishing each moment of each day because that is living life to the fullest.

13. I love Valentine's Day because it's expected to be a little sappy and inspires your loved ones to be sappy with you.

If you want to join in Thursday Thirteen, click on the banner.

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