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Wednesday, March 3rd 2004

6:32 PM

A week later...

Having a blog really helps you see how fast time flies. I am still sick. I spent about $50 on an anti-histamine and then my ear woes turned into an infection. $80 something later and I am still hurting. I wasn't happy over paying so much and the second one was after insurance...yikes! I can't imagine paying over $200 for 10 days worth of pills! I am praying for healing and taking extra vitamin C to help boost my immune system.

Why have I been so busy? Well, the intensive college course has begun and I am studying hard. I am so excited about the awesome things I am learning but I keep feeling a little behind. Satan isn't too thrilled about the work going on in our family and he is busy bringing discouragement but praise God, I will continue on with His strength.

Besides studying for this class, the family and I have started studying a book together to help us improve our relationships. It is becoming a blessing and I know the fruit will be awesome. This weekend I am going to be gone (leaving early Friday afternoon) through Sunday evening to a scrapbook retreat. I can't wait to visit with my friends and other women I have yet to meet. I plan on using this time to REST and seek the Lord on some things. I hope to take some pictures, do some writing, study and oh yes...SCRAPBOOK!

Times up...I will share more of what God is doing soon but not tonight.

3 More Meandering Minds.

Posted by Husband:

Nothing to say, just needed to post
Monday, March 8th 2004 @ 6:58 PM

Posted by Peggy:

Hope you are feeling up to par VERY soon! Can't go away feeling sick!
Enjoy your weekend! I am sure it will be tons of fun!
Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 @ 10:50 PM

Posted by Mianda:

yea you must have been busy, I kept coming to your blog an dthere was no updates LOL I hope you get better quick!
Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 @ 8:39 PM

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