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Saturday, October 30th 2004

3:01 PM

Happy Birthday to me...

  • Feeling... loved
  • Pondering... my blessings
  • Days without sugar... hello...it's my birthday!
Yesterday, I celebrated my 34th birthday.  I woke up and played with the baby for a bit and then my five-year-old son brought me two orange-red roses with a hug and kiss.   He loves to give me flowers on special occasions...such a sweetie.   Then my mother-in-love and my girls delivered breakfast in bed.   We enjoyed a leisurely day.  Grandma helped the kids make the cake , wrap presents  and decorate the table.   My friend, Lori, came up to join the fun.  There were a ton of gifts...looked more like Christmas. 

The table had a party cover with confetti all over it.  They made me where a tiera lol.    At one point, there were three cameras going off.    Felt like a movie star or something.  The kids had all made wonderful cards and pictures...lots of colors.  Heather (12) made a necklace, bracelet and keychain for me.  She also made me a coupon book, a painted rock, and a button chain.  Chrysti ( gave me one of her Tiggers. 

Lori gave me a gift certificate to the local scrapbook store.  My son (5) picked out a flowering plant.  My daughters picked out an espresso machine so I can make steamers and hot chocolate  (YUM) and of course, I got some yummy syrups and some espresso (I don't drink coffee so my kids and guests will enjoy that).  They also chose two pairs of funky toe socks...I have fun feet now.   Although my honey thinks they are funny feet.  My mother-in-love bought me a box of black pens and a box of red pens (pens are an awesome gift for a writer) as well as getting some things from Starbucks. 

My hubby bought me some snuggly warm jammies: orange top and black pants, two brushes with green jewel toned handles (snazzy), new speakers for my computer (woohoo) and WIRELESS HEADPHONES!!! 

The cake was delish!  The recipe is one my mom always made me for my birthday.  In fact, we only know it as Audra's Pineapple Cake lol.   

The day ended with all of us going out to dinner.  We went to a Chinese Buffet.  

In the days leading up to my birthday, I got cards from some Momwriters, my sis and my parents.  My parents tucked some cash  in theirs and I bought myself a new pot for my new plant now residing on my desk with the two roses...looks so pretty.  I also bought myself four big mugs for the steamers and a bulletin board to use for writing related inspiration, plotting, and fun.

I had a very    
It was perfect because I was surrounded by family and felt most definitely loved!  My family is AWESOME! 
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Posted by Audra Silva:

LOL...no worries. It was an awesome birthday. :)
Sunday, November 7th 2004 @ 8:22 AM

Posted by A Mother's Love by Peggy:

Sorry I forgot your birthday Audra! I guess I should try to make it over here more often, and then I wouldn't forget. LOL
I am glad you had a great one!
Sunday, November 7th 2004 @ 12:48 AM

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