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Wednesday, February 11th 2004

6:30 PM

Blog Re-design

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Yesterday, I decided to learn how to make a banner for my new web site. I thought is quite professional looking and was pretty excited to have figured out how to do it on my own. Hubby took a lot and agreed it looked professional but then quickly informed me that black pages were out. My banner was gold on a black background. Grrrr. 

So I made a gold on white banner which I think looks even better and I think my site will look a little classy when I am ready to launch it. Of course that got me to thinking about the black background of my blog and so off I went...back to Photoshop to play around with a new banner for my blog. I decided I wanted something fun and colorful and I am happy with the results.  

Hopefully it will be easy for you to read and enjoy. Next I have to design a banner for my personal website. I am a little rusty at building webpages but hopefully it will come back soon.

Yesterday, I took all five kiddos to Wal-mart with me to get a couple of things and first got complimented on my hair...made me feel better since it is shorter and lighter than I had wanted.  

Then a lady shopping in produce smiled and asked if all five were mine. I said they sure are and she then asked if I home school them. Turns out, she home educated her now grown children. She made sure I knew to not create a school at home type atmosphere but instead to allow natural learning to take place along side the academics. I assured her that I totally agreed with her thoughts on the subject as that is how I view home education. All of life is a classroom.

Anyway, it was an encouraging day. What's that? I hear something...it is Photoshop calling to me to build another banner.  I am having fun being creative. Talk to you all later.


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Posted by Peggy:

The new look is great! Looking forward to seeing your new website!
Saturday, February 14th 2004 @ 12:22 AM

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