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Friday, January 18th 2008

4:41 PM

Telemarketer Faux Pas aka Eating Humble Pie

It's been a day. Friday pretended to be Monday. At least for the morning. Little Miss Princess woke up as Little Miss Cranky. She was attached to me all morning, literally. Did you know it's possible to cry and nurse simultaneously? I thought for sure she'd have to let go first. Nope. When she wants to nurse a marathan, it takes a lot out of me - no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little intended.

It continued downhill. Major attitude permeated the air. Even the kids had attitude. They bickered and dragged their feet with their chores. Company would be arriving in a few hours and chaos abounded.

The phone rang and I saw the toll free number on the caller ID. I was tempted to ignore it, but I knew the kids would answer it and bring it to me anyway. Surprise. It was the same telemarketer calling for King Dude that had called every day this week. I took the Wells Fargo message and hung up.

More attitude to deal with and this time none of it was from the kids. They'd finally decided to behave (could have been the steam from my ears). I managed to get a couple of things done like nurse Little Miss Cranky and um nurse Little Miss Cranky when the phone rang again. Wells Fargo flashed on the screen. I frowned.

Me: "Hello."

Wells Fargo: "Is King Dude there." (Names disguised to hide the not so innocent.)

Me: "No, he actually works during the day." I felt slightly vindicated. Sarcastic comebacks are way too easy for me.

Wells Fargo: PAUSE. Then she says something about being our local mortgage company and wanting to pass some information about lower rates and points to their customers.

At this point, I recall the caller ID hadn't said Toll Free this time. It had said Wells Fargo and been a local number. Not to mention, King Dude would probably be interested in this information.

We hung up and I felt like a sarcastic jerk.

I went to my thinking closet, the shower. It's nice because I can think in peace AND get clean. Multitasking at it's finest. Unfortunately, I think the Holy Spirit was nudging me because I had the insane urge to call the woman back and apologize.

Say what? No way. Uh uh. That would be too - embarrassing. I could email an apology. Oh wait, I didn't have an email address. Maybe the urge would pass. Nope.

So, I did it. I called back and spoke to the woman I was rude to and apologized. I've never done that. I mean call a stranger and apologize (I have apologized to people I know - just wanted to clarify). She said she didn't think I had been rude, I assured her I had been and apologized. We chatted a bit and both of us hung up feeling pretty good. I know it meant something to her to have someone do that, but I was totally blessed, too. And it wasn't embarrassing at all.

Humble Pie tastes pretty good afterall.

And Little Miss Princess is still cranky, still miserable and still dehydrating me. It's okay, though, she needs her mama.

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Posted by LadyBug:

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Tuesday, January 22nd 2008 @ 11:20 AM

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