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Monday, November 26th 2007

4:57 PM

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

Saturday night my neck and back went out. Yesterday and this morning, my darling hubby reamed on those knots and really worked me over. I KNOW he was grinning behind my back as he tortured me. I managed to get in to see the chiropractor and he worked me over some more.

So how do I feel? Like I've been WORKED OVER three times. Is everything back in place? I have no idea. I'm too tender to tell. Hopefully, I'll be a lot less sore tomorrow and can evaluate things.

I need to do some gentle stretching and rub Arnica gel on it. Arnica by the way is WONDERFUL for sore muscles, ligaments, etc. You can take it orally and/or rub it on topically. Since I'm nursing, I have to stick with just the gel. My aunt first introduced me to it. She had a dog with a leg injury and discovered this wonderful remedy and has since used on herself and her family, too.

Need some ideas for Christmas gifts? I have some Holiday Gift Guides listed in the sidebar of a dash of sassitude. Click on the button to go there. I also have some giveaways listed for those of you who wouldn't mind winning a gift or two for Christmas.

I'm thankful for giveaways. I won a couple of fun things: a personalized placemat for my son (really cute), books, CD, pouch sling, shirt for my son, DVD...and I'm hoping to add to the list. A couple of these will be given as Christmas gifts and others are already being enjoyed.

Well, I'm off to get ready for homegroup and take some more Advil for my back and neck. If you have any tips for easing back/neck pain, feel free to share them.


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Posted by Grace:

I only won one online giveaway. I guess I am not too lucky with online contests. And most contests are sadly, only open to US residents.
Thursday, December 6th 2007 @ 12:30 AM

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