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Sunday, November 25th 2007

4:09 PM

Creativity Abounds

The older girls and I worked on the Christmas gifts for the grandparents today.


Not that they read my blog. At least, I'm pretty sure they don't visit.

This year, I decided to make scrapbook calendars. I've never done these, but I think it might become a yearly gift. We are having a blast and the pages are absolutely darling. No one in my family of eight shares a birthday month, so each person gets to design the layout for their own month and use a picture of them alone. September is our anniversary, so I'll the page with photos of Bob and I. The remaining three months will be family pictures and we'll all help put them together.

The downside? We should have gotten one for ourselves. We'd love to admire one on our wall.

The other thing we are doing is making a special page on one of my blogs for a Christmas letter of sorts. We'll be decorating it and adding some good reading before sending the link to family and friends. That will begin AFTER the calendars.

I'm thankful for muscle relaxers. I popped my back and neck out during the night and after hunching over these calendars all day, I'm in a world of hurt. I'll be popping some muscle relaxers as soon as I no longer need my thinking ability lol. I tend to get a little loopier than normal on them. I'm also thankful for chiropractors and I'll be especially thankful if I can get in to see mine tomorrow.

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Posted by Grace:

I think that is a brilliant idea! When my daughter is a little bit older, I would like to do scrapbooking with her.
Sunday, November 25th 2007 @ 10:42 PM

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