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Wednesday, November 7th 2007

6:13 PM

Healthy body weight vs. healthy mind?

Which would you choose? I used to have Anorexia Nervosa and I'm grateful for the Lord's healing. However, my body is used to dropping the weight and I can get underweight pretty fast. I'd managed to hang on to the weight range I should be in (between 110 - 120) until about a month and a half ago.

I decided I needed a clear mind and energy to accomplish the things that God has called me to. I needed to be able to focus, be more patient, and have what I needed to get busy early in the day and sustain that until bedtime. So I cut out the sugar and junk. And dropped 10 pounds in a flash.

But I was feeling good and getting things done. So I started eating the junk again to get the weight back on and now? I'm still down at 105 and so. wiped. out. I'm grouchy and can't think clearly.

Not where God would have me. I realized this a couple of days ago and didn't have any sugar yesterday. Today? Major craving which I ahem satisfied with a huge bowl of sugary cereal. I feel icky.

I have to find a way to not drop any lower, slowly put it back on, and still feel good with a clear mind. Junk is obviously not the way to go. Oh - part of the reason it's easy to drop fast is because I'm also nursing right now which burns lots of calories.

Anyone else struggling with needing to eat healthier? I'm totally committed to getting my clear had back and living life again instead of dragging through each day.

I'm thankful God has healed me from Anorexia Nervosa. It's a hard disease to live with and it amazes me often how 'normal' my mind is now in regards to my body.

If you struggle with Anorexia Nervosa or Bulemia, my heart goes out to you and I'm here to tell you, God can heal your pain. He can give you a sound mind.


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Posted by Gina:

I, too, struggle with keeping my weight UP vs. DOWN (yes, ladies- this IS a problem for some us, and it's not good!!). But I have to think that keeping a healthy mind is far more important than keeping an ideal body weight- we can survive pretty skinny, as long as you're not intentionally starving yourself to be that way. I am 5'6" and consistently weigh in at 110- and I don't deprive myself! It's just the choices I make that keep my weight down b/c I am not eating things that convert to fat cells.
I suggest finding other ways to add calories to your diet that don't involve high levels of sugar and carbohydrates (translation: JUNK!). I eat Ezekiel Bread (high in protein!) and good nut butters. Nuts are actually pretty high in calories. Also, good cheeses, eggs, meats... My rule is to never eat anything with a high sugar/carb count before 4:00 in the afternoon, and after that, only a "sweet treat". The more you stay away from sugar, the more it tastes TOO sweet when you do allow the occasional treat.
I recently discovered Xylitol as a sugar substitute- it's actually good for you! and of course, Stevia- which I know you know about!
Monday, November 12th 2007 @ 1:31 PM

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