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Wednesday, August 9th 2006

3:48 PM


I know, quite the original title happening here. I chose it simply because I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to ramble about. I guess this means you are either in for a treat or in for a bore, either way, your in for it.

I just finished reading a trilogy by Ted Dekker: Black, Red and White. I love a novel that can captivate me, but also challenge me. Ted has an amazing ability to weave a strong spiritual element through these books without coming across as preaching. He really made me ponder about the intense love God has for us.

I don't think we really know how strong and amazing God's love really is because if we did, we wouldn't keep wandering away. We'd be enthralled. We would suffer no self esteem issues because we would know intimately what it truly means when it says we are God's bride.

Listen up! God loves you as a groom loves his bride. He's giddy with excitement over the day he's been preparing our whole lives for: our wedding day. He's making sure everything is perfect in in place. He's preparing the banquet table for the biggest baddest festivity we've ever seen or could hope to even imagine. He's getting our new home - our MANSION - ready for us to move in and take up permanent residence in.

We are going to stand before him in our white flowing gown, adorned with beautiful flowers in our hair and he is going to be bubbling forth with love and admiration. His bride will be perfect.

You are his beloved and you are cherished. Words cannot describe his heart where you are concerned. How can we fret? How can we 'forget' to spend time with our groom? Some day we are leaving this wretched place and going home. HOME! This is only a temporary place in our journey - a blip in time. Soon we will celebrate!

I hope you are ready. He's coming for his bride. It won't be long now. Give him all of you and he will give you more than you can ever imagine. Lose yor life and you will gain LIFE.

Plunge in and fall in love. Dive deep in his everlasting love and drink in his splendor. Your groom is calling. Will you answer? Will you say yes?

Hmmm...I'm thinking Ted Dekker's books have been inspired me.

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Posted by Audra Silva:

hehe I LOVE the fighting stuff lol. I agree - an incredible ending.
Sunday, August 13th 2006 @ 5:06 PM

Posted by Gina:

I read those- they ARE good! The ninja stuff is a little much... but he is a guy, after all. haha. The ending was awesome, though, wasn't it??
Thursday, August 10th 2006 @ 4:51 AM

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