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Sunday, January 29th 2006

12:36 PM

Book Review: The Thinking Toolbox

(The Thinking Toolbox was provided to me free of charge by Mind and Media, who received it from the publisher for reviewing purposes.)

Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hans Bluedorn have come up with a terrific resource for teaching children how to reason logically. (Actually, I think a lot of adults could use this book, too.)  This book can be used by parents whether they home educate or not as well as in a classroom setting. It's written in an easy to understand and engaging style that will keep everyone's attention well. The book is recommended for ages 13 through adult, but my nine-year-old daughter loved it, too.

Personally, I think the best plan is to try it with your children and if they seem interested and understand the lessons, keep going. If not, wait a bit and try again when they are a little older. I worked through a few lessons with my children (ages 9-16) to see what they thought and all of us love it. I plan to add it into our schedule and include my six-year-old. If he isn't ready, I'll wait until he's a little older.

The book has 35 lessons presented with humorous flair to build reasoning skills. Each lesson has exercises at the end to help the information sink in and to teach the children how to use what they've learned and apply it to various situations. Answers are in the very back of the book.

Did you know that most conversations can be placed into one of four categories: a discussion, a disagreement, an argument and a fight (yes, there is a difference)? Well, you can learn more about that in lesson 2.

The book covers tools for thinking, tools for handling opposing viewpoints, and tools for science. There are some projects and games (including a bit of mystery) to work on and enjoy in the last couple of lessons.

Overall, I give this book a definite eight thumbs up (I include my three daughters in the thumb count in case some thought I had some interesting looking hands or simply couldn't count)!

Include this awesome resource and check out the other goodies by the Bluedorns to add some quality thinking ability to your minds and the minds of your children. In this world that seems to do many things without reason, it's refreshing to know we can add some quite easily...maybe deep thinkers will make a comeback and catch fire.

(You can find The Thinking Toolbox here: http://www.christianlogic.com/)
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