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Monday, May 9th 2005

4:03 PM

Mother's Day

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I hope all the mothers who read this had a wonderful Mother's Day this year.  I was reminded again of why I'm so blessed to have five beautiful kids.  Even though they haven't been feeling the best (strep, sore throsts, colds, etc.), the girls got up and made breakfast, set the table, wrapped some gifts for me and arranged them in a nice way...plus they brought their little brothers along side them to help with it all. 

I spent some time on my computer (ironically going through some of those procrastination emails I received...still have a ways to go) and could hear them upstairs whispering as they worked.  I had Jake on my lap at first, but then Heather coaxed him upstairs to help.  When they were all ready, they called me upstairs to a breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers rested in the middle. I've been wanting some flowers to enjoy and Heather got me some for Mother's Day complete with a pretty vase.  Bob prayed and his prayer was about me and I had to fight some tears on that one.  I needed to hear those words.  He's such a good man..tender-hearted although he puts on a tough image.

After we ate, we went into the livingroom where a some gift bags sat on the couch with some cards and were flanked on either side by brick red couch pillows!  They are so soft and pretty and really add a fun splash of color to the browns on the couch.  I'd love to paint a wall in there with that color.  The boys had each gotten me a pillow.  Christian had made a card with smiley faces all over.  So cute.  The girls and Jake all signed another card and I loved the messages.  Chrysti had gotten me a paperweight which says, "Let not your heart be troubled." John 14:1  Another thing I needed to hear.  She also cut out a picture of flowers and framed them with a magnetic frame.  I have both sitting on my desk.

Katrina got me some fun things.  Two ceramic magnets I had laughed at when I'd seen them at the store.  One says: "I smile because you are my mother...I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!"  hehe The other one says: "You can't scare me...I have CHILDREN."  There's a little frog sitting under the words.  I love frogs.   Lastly, she bought me a keychain which says: "I'm one of those born again christians satan warned you about." 

It's time I remember my spiritual strength.  God won...case closed.  It's about time I act victorious and not so defeated all the time.  God is my Father, who can stand against me?

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