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Thursday, May 5th 2005

6:35 PM

Day 2-5 of 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for Wives

  • Feeling... inspired
  • Pondering... my feelings about my hubby

I was gone all day Monday and Tuesday and for the past two days, I've not been able to sign on to post.   I finally tried Explorer tonight and it worked.  It's totally not liking Firefox right now.  

Anyway, here's the update:

Day 2 went better lol.  I told Bob I was thankful that he works so hard for me and appreciate all he does for me.  We were snuggling alone and just savored the quiet together. 

He did, however, ask me a little later if I had joined some how to compliment your husband group.  I laughed and said I didn't join a group to learn how to compliment him.  I said how long have you noticed me doing this.  He said since yesterday lol.  I laughed, but decided to not tell him what it's all about yet. 

The funny thing is...I do get mushy with him off and on, but he's not a mushy kind of guy.  So doing this on a daily basis will get pretty funny as he tries to figure out why I'm doing it which is to love on him.  It's not exactly his love language, but he'll still hear the love.

Day 3: I snuggled up to him for a moment on the couch and thanked him for validating my feelings earlier that morning.  I was thankful that he said my analogy about going to a meeting where there are a lot of treats is like asking an alcoholic to hang around while everyone has a drink.  It's so hard to resist. 

(Sidenote: I've been off of sugar since February 4th after struggling with my addiction to it for years...it was affecting my health and other things much like any addiction, but God took the cravings away long enough for me to overcome...I'm tempted again, but there is no way I'm giving in and getting stuck in that vicious cycle again!  Not even for one bite!)

He finds the whole complimenting thing amusing.  Said he really doesn't need them.  I said he's got many more coming lol.

Day 4: I thanked him for working so hard at his job.  He just grinned.  At least he's not telling me I can stop now.  I think secretly he's liking it.   We'll see. 

Day 5: Today we weren't really supposed to say anything to our hubby...just to our family about our hubbies.  I actually do this quite often to both my kids and our extended families.  Everyone knows how proud I am with Bob and how much I love him.  Even when I need to seek advice about something...I struggle with sharing any negative aspect because I don't want to make him look bad.  He is a remarkable man who makes me fall in love with him over and over.   I'll probably end up saying something mushy just to see his goofy grin hehehehe.

I know this challenge is all about encouraging our husbands, but I'm becoming quite blessed myself.  I find that I'm more conscious of anything negative that may pop out and I try to guard against it or soften it or apologize quickly, etc.  I'm more aware of the things I admire about my man and wanting to encourage him more and be the wife he needs me to be.  I'm also enjoying his responses.   This is awesome! 

It is so not too late to join in!  You will make a difference in your hubby even if he isn't the sentimental type (my husband being case in point).

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