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Saturday, April 23rd 2005

9:06 AM

My blonde roots are showing...

Some days are just crazy...

This particular Tuesday was one of them.  I woke up and checked out my email...lingering...in a vain attempt to hold off the hour when the chaos would kick into high gear.  I finally dragged myself away and into the shower.  Once I was completely ready and had a few minutes to spare, I called my best friend and we commiserated on how insane our schedules were for that day.  I told her it was time for me to go.  We said goodbye and then I hit the ground running...it went something like this (times approximate)...

11:40 - jump in the burb (Suburban) with my son and head down to the elementary school.

11:50 - speech therapy begins

12:20 - speech therapy is over and we rush home

12:25 - eat and gather everything we need for the outtings and load everyone into the burb

12:40 - head to the gym, library, and Christian book store (all of them are right near each other)

12:50 - park in front of the gym, send Heather across the road to the Christian book store to find out when Jake's DVD would be coming in (it was his birthday the day before) while I run into the library and my oldest watches the others in the burb

1:00 - Heather finally makes it to the library and informs me that the DVD was in...I rush to check out...run out to the burb to drop off the library books/videos...greet my husband (it's his first time coming to gym time and he knows NO ONE which is only slightly worse than me...I know a couple SLIGHTLY) and explain that I have to run over to the Christian book store and get the DVD because there is zero time after

1:02 - Heather and I run across the street while everyone else goes inside..we run into a friend and I harrass him about being a slacker and not working while he mentioned I seemed a bit rushed to which I replied only slightly pant pant pant (remember I'd been running)...then it appears he is buying something for the church (he's the youth pastor) AND something seperate for himself...uggg...time killer.  The lady asked him if he would mind letting me ring up first since his would take a few minutes and I said he didn't mind at all.  Anyway...we laughed and joked and then I took off at a run with Heather on my heels.

1:10 - we finally make it in the gym where I flopped down onto the bleachers and relaxed.  Bob got Chrysti out there playing (a first time..she's so shy) and everyone was having fun while I watched and worked on some novel plotting.  They began a game of dodge ball and Bob joined the boys and well..the girls needed me hehehehe.  We had a blast and time was up before we knew it. 

2:00 - put gym stuff away, kiss Bob goodbye, load everyone back up in the burb and rush home to drop them all off so I could get to the board meeting (yes THAT board meeting) which amazingly was scheduled for 2...that was before gym time got extended a couple of weeks.

2:15 - arrive at the church, walk in and ask someone where the homeschoolers are meeting...downstairs and across the bottom of the church...figures.   So I go to where I hear them and ooops...wrong meeting.  This one was some of the homeschooled girls and moms having a Bible study.  They gave me directions to the other church.  My blonde roots...I had the wrong church.

2:20 - fly across town kicking myself for being such a dork

2:30 - arrive at the other church and go inside

It turns out...they had brought their kids!  I wish I had known.  I walk in and see a couple familiar faces and a couple strange ones...I mean stranger ones...whatever.  Someone mentions they were just talking about me, but didn't elaborate...ummm...hmmmm...I hope it was good lol.

We had our meeting and I kept glancing at the clock because I was supposed to be picking up my girls' friend after the meeting so they could hang out.  I thought she might have to head home by 4 and it was after 3 and I was still sitting there.

The meeting went well...wrapped up slowly and then I jetted out of there.  I figured they would have about 30 minutes which was better than nothing.  Turns out she could stay until 5.  The kids all had a blast and I blasted music for them and we goofed around.  I decided there was no way I was going ANYWHERE the next day..and then I remembered...we were supposed to go watch their friend perform at their school the next day...no worries...only one activity and the following day...NOTHING! 
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