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Sunday, March 27th 2005

6:41 PM

March Madness...

hehe...We were enjoying absolutely gorgeous weather in the 70's.  We went for walks, to the park, enjoyed open windows...and now it is cold, dreary and raining.  We did need the rain here and in fact, it would be really good to have a wet April so we don't have a scary fire season, but I MISS THE WARM SUNSHINE!!  Whhaaaaa.  Okay, enough of that. 

My oldest daughter, Katrina, has been trying to learn how to ride her skateboard.  I hopped on and gave her some pointers. hehehehe  I wasn't half bad...thinking maybe I could get one and play around a bit this summer.  We'll see.  Oh and by the way, she thought it was cool.

My youngest daughter turns 9 tomorrow.  She's growing up so fast.  We let her open all of her gifts last night and she loved everything.  It's been fun to watch her play with her new stuff and I hear the music from the jewelry box I bought her playing several times through the day.  It has a little ballerina that twirls.  She came to me earlier and asked if I would help her get all dressed up tomorrow with makeup and everything.  How can I say no?  Making this memory far outweighs any other plans I had.  It's our little secret...she wants to surprise everyone. 

Today is Easter Sunday.  Tonight during family time, we are going to reflect on what Jesus did for us so long ago.  Had I thought about it earlier, I would have had us all watch the Passion today.  Maybe next weekend.  I wish everyone knew that Jesus paid a high price for us simply because he loves us.  All he asks for in return is for us to love him back and accept him as Lord.  He just wants a relationship with us.  I hope I learn to listen to him more.

There are two other things that happened in March, but they need their own posts.  Watch for them soon.
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