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Friday, March 12th 2004

2:31 PM

Another week later...

I wasn't supposed to be gone for so long but life has a way of breaking plans. I went to my scrapbook retreat last Friday and had a terrific weekend. I enjoyed seeing old friends, meeting new ones, the food, scrapbooking, etc. Sunday night, Jake and I came back home and collapsed from our 'restful' weekend lol. Jake hadn't been feeling well that day and seemed worse on Monday. I thought it was another bout of teething. However, there were a couple things on Monday that made me wonder such as forceful vomiting a couple of times and gagging when receiving meds or trying to nurse (during his fevers).

Monday night, we crawled in bed at 10:00 and around 12:30, we were up again. Jake sounded funny and I felt his head...sure enough, he was burning up. Bob had just come to bed so I asked him to turn the light on. I went to give Jake some Motrin and barely grazed his lips with it and he threw up everywhere. Bob tried to see if his throat was red but everytime he touched Jake's lip or tongue, he threw up more. We decided it was time to take him to the ER.

His temp was 104 and they had to give him a Tylenol suppository since he couldn't take anything orally. They also hooked him up to an IV and admitted him. The doctor in the ER said she didn't want me nursing him. From experience, I knew he would keep it down while his fever was down. When we reached his room, I lay down with him and nursed. We both felt better lol. The nurse agreed with me and we found out we had a lot in common. Nice to have an ally.

We stayed in the hospital until Wednesday morning. Jake had an IV in the whole time. While we were there, we discovered he was developing an ear infection. They added antibiotics to his IV...two doses which cured that problem. They also thought the flu was hitting him hard. He really looked ill. His eyelids were puffy (turns out that is a part of the Roseola) and he would sit, not moving, staring at nothing. I literally held him for hours at a time which was so peaceful. I sang to him, talked to him, rocked him, nursed him, and just loved on him the whole time. Usually, he is a very active boy so this was a nice side-effect. Although, I will take healthy anytime.

After we were released on Wednesday, I came home and slept for a few hours and then we bundled up Jake and went for a family walk. We all missed each other and Jake and I needed fresh air.

Thursday, Jake developed a red rash all over so back to the doctor we went and it turns out he has Roseola on top of everything else. The poor kid. We were blessed to not get the seizures commonly associated with it which can be serious. The rash should clear up soon. He is still feeling bad but plays for a while here and there. He tires easily and wants to snuggle on my lap a lot still.

It is so hard watching your little one so sick. He had a cute hospital gown with puppies on, a huge bandage wrapped from his fingertips to almost his shoulder to keep him from messing with the IV and looked so tiny in the big hospital bed. Here are some pictures Bob took witht he digital:


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Posted by Miranda:

Wow You had quite the week. Poor baby boy. Look at that Arm. little pumpkin. Hope he's feeling 100% soon
Saturday, March 13th 2004 @ 9:01 PM

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