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Monday, January 17th 2005

6:20 PM

My thoughts on 2004 and my hopes for 2005

  • Feeling... SLEEPY...Jake didn't sleep much
  • Pondering... my life
  • Time spent writing... 30 minutes
  • Days without sugar... 1...I didn't have any today and I am feeling it! Quick...someone sneak me some chocolate. No..bad cravings..I will conquer!
I know...I'm about 17 days late for the whole New Year's thing.  I couldn't let it go without saying something so here we go:

Thoughts on 2004:
IT's finally over...wooohoooo!  Seriously, it was a looong year and an expensive one what with the medical bills and vet bills and all.  I struggled with many things physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I ended the year feeling wrung out and tired...that kind of tired that hits you deep inside.

 But as I reflect on 2004, there was also some wonderful memories.  The gathering of my family, my sister's family, my brother's family and my parents at Silverwood Theme Park.  That was a blast!  I think we are planning another exciting get together for this summer, too.  I also took second place in a writing contest for a flash fiction piece.  It was my first attempt at flash fiction and I loved writing it.   I received my first check for writing!  I want more lol.  I need to make a copy of it and frame it for inspiration.  I'd frame the actual check, but I could use that cash.  I grew spiritually, mentally and emotionally...alas..not physically.  Drat.   

Hopes for 2005:
Closer relationships with family and friends, strong writing network, a couple novels completed, make some more money from my writing, enter contests, develop some muscles so I can better wrestle against my hubby , conquer fear and inhibitions, work towards my dreams, grow my hair out long, and the list really goes on.  I have a lot I want to do this year.

What are your thoughts on 2004 and your hopes for 2005?
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