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Wednesday, February 25th 2004

2:46 PM

Twice in one day...

Wow...I am posting twice in one day. Actually, I am hoping that will be the case often. Anyway, the older two girls and I were doing science and part of the assignment was to write an Acrostic related to God's creation. I thought I would share the one I cooked up real quick...afterall...I had to lead by example lol.

Sitting here early in the morning, I have the rare privilege of catching a sunrise while the rest of the house sleeps.

Understanding of God comes from studying His creation and I embrace the peace the dawning of a new day brings.

Nothing compares to the colors on the Master's pallet and I can only hope to capture a taste of their beauty in my mind's eye.

Riches made by man pale beside the glory of the universe and all within it.

Inspired by His creativity, I try in my human frailty to teach others about His grandness.

Small wonder I cannot begin to portrait the awesomeness of God when He can't be measured by any earthly means.

Eventually, I realize they will have to discover the Creator for themselves. I can only point the way.

Acrostics are fun to play with...give it a try and teach your children how to do it. You just pick a word (or more if you want) and write a sentence starting with each letter. Make sure the sentences relate to your word.

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