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Wednesday, February 25th 2004

1:13 PM


It is amazing how fast the days pass by us. I can't believe I haven't had a chance to write since Friday! We had an awesome weekend. Saturday I went to hear a guest speaker at church and I was blessed as I knew I would be. My oldest daughter went with me and enjoyed it, too. Cyndi Romine is an awesome speaker and I encourage you to go hear her if you have the opportunity. Something else happened Saturday. I decided to take some college intensives through Cyndi and her hubby's college. I am hungry for knowledge and wisdom and God says we will find wisdom if we seek it. Each session lasts six weeks. You get the name of a book to study and a topic list to choose from for your 15 page paper. On the sixth week, you meet for a couple hours Friday night and all day Saturday to read and discuss everyone's papers. I mentioned to Cyndi that my only concern was that I still nurse my baby and she said bring him along. Well, alrighty then lol.

I also had a good talk with my hubby this weekend. We are determined to learn how to parent the way God wants us to and I feel He is blessing our efforts...old habits die hard but they are dying nevertheless. We love our children and we are seeing some beautiful fruit growing in their lives as well as areas needing some pruning.

Jake is teething and hasn't been feeling well for the past few days. I am hoping the tooth either pops through quickly or drops back down for a bit. Today I was hoping to keep him awake a lot so he would sleep tonight when we go see THE movie that is opening all across America: The Passion of the Christ. I know it will help us really see what it must have been like for Jesus to die such a horrible death and to choose to do it because He loves us.

It has been a while since I shared what God has been doing so let's see..I left off with Bob and I deciding to have a home birth. God's hand was definitely in the whole thing. As I prepared my home for the upcoming birth of my son, my heart began to turn towards my family. I began enjoying them more and enjoying the pregnancy. I felt like we were to begin trusting God for our family size. I began seeing children as a blessing even more than I already did.

The home birth was an amazing experience. I am not going to share about that for now...I want to finish sharing about what God has been doing. Soon I will share the story though. After Jake came along, God really began speaking to me about building a strong relationship with Him, my hubby and my children. At the same time, I began reading and hearing quite a bit of leglistic teachings. I also noticed people seemed to need the latest 'Jesus fix', the latest 'Christian fad'. It grieved my heart and I felt weighed down by it all.

It also began affecting my decisions and I made some stupid ones. One almost cost a dear friendship. We didn't talk for over a month. That incident was the catalyst God used to bring me to my knees and get my attention. I cried out to Him and He gave me Jacob, Jonah and Job. He told me He was going to tear down the foundation of my faith because it had cracks and it was weak. He told me He would rebuild the foundation Himself and it would be strong and would last against the things that would come against me. Yup, I was terrified but I also trusted Him. I knew He loved me and wanted to make me His not just in word but in actions.

Jake is needing me again so I will leave off at this point...I can't wait to share more. God really is amazing and He doesn't leave us destitute.

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