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Wednesday, February 18th 2004

7:06 PM

Yes I am a blonde...

  • Feeling... Me on meds
  • Time spent writing... Rain turned to sunshine and not too chilly today!

I may be blonde but my dizziness had nothing to do with hair color today.  Seriously, I have been having some slight dizziness and almost passing out episodes the last few days. I thought at first I wasn't eating right for my blood sugar levels but today I woke up really dizzy and couldn't keep my balance. That is a dead give away. I knew I had an inner ear infection or something. So, called the doc and made it in this afternoon. Turns out I don't have an infection but I do have pressure in my left ear...doc says it looks viral so no antibiotics. He gave me Zyrtec to relieve the pressure which will take care of the balancing/dizziness problems. Instead, I get to feel like a zombie as this med. causes drowsiness.

I am proud of myself though...day three of my personal challenge and I have written a 300+ word article every night. Four more days to go.  

I haven't forgotten about my sharing of what God has been doing in my life in recent times. Tonight I rest though.

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