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Tuesday, February 17th 2004

7:01 PM

Guess who?

Yup, it is me and my meandering mind.   Today tried to run away from me again but I managed to lasso it pretty quick.  When I told my friend, Bev, that my day was beginning to fall apart again, she told me to put it back together. I took a few minutes to pray and it sure made a huge difference. I had a really nice surprise yesterday morning that I forgot to mention in my really short post yesterday. My nephew (he's 9) called to thank me for the books we bought him for Christmas. Then we chatted for quite a while about this and that. He is such an awesome nephew and I hope he calls just to chat again sometime.

Today we had a scary episode. One of my daughters was behind me sorting socks when I heard gagging noises and she was running up the stairs. I ran after her thinking she was throwing up. When I reached her she was gasping and really freaking out and I realized she had something in her thraot but she could still get air in and out so I focused on trying to get her to relax. She finally managed to cough it out and it was a ring! Both of us were shaking and just hugged each other.

The whole thing reminded me of when I almost lost her several years ago. She was about 5 years old. We were at a church picnic in a nice woody spot along a river bank. It was spring time and the river was swollen from the snow melting up in the mountains. We talked to the kids about staying away from the river because it was dangerous. All of us kept looking at the children present to make sure they were safe but Heather escaped notice long enough to get too close to the edge. She slipped and fell under the water's surface. Only by the grace of God did she manage to grab hold of a rope attached to a float tied to a tree. She held on to that rope even though her head was submerged. A teenage girl happened to glance over just in time to see Heather disappear and ran over and pulled her to safety. The force of the water should have been too much for her little arms but God wasn't ready to take her home yet.

Words cannot express what a mother goes through knowing she almost lost her child. Thankful that you narrowly escaped the ranks of those who have lost their child...like my sister. She lost her baby girl a few years ago along with her husband. She has since re-married but there are still times where sorrow creeps in but as Christians, we are blessed to know that we will see our loved ones again.

Kiss your children often and let them know how much you really love them. You just never know...    

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