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Saturday, September 25th 2004

11:49 AM

Life is so fragile...

  • Feeling... thankful
  • Pondering... life's swift passing
  • Time spent writing... none yet today
  • Days without sugar... Will she ever learn? Why is it I think of the consequences of having sugar AFTER I indulge?
Life really is fragile.  In seconds, before you even know what has happened, it can be snuffed out.  I have been reading the blog about baby Luke.  I have found myself in tears more than once.  His story is compelling, but maybe even more so for me because I have a blond haired little boy of my own about Luke's age.  His story is over under the Christian blogger links: How is Luke Doing?

I have also visited another website about a little girl who likewise almost drowned: http://www.prayforabby.com/  I will be adding her link to my blog soon, too.  I come away from both of these stories with a sense of awe in seeing God's hand working as well as a sense of relief that nothing tragic has touched my own children.

Back in June of 2000, my baby neice and my brother-in-law lost their lives in an accident.  My sister and nephew were spared.  My nephew broke his wrist and my sister had to have some extensive work done on her body.  Just this past week, my sister had surgery on her knee because of that accident.  Daily she suffers in pain with her ankle.  These are the visible reminders she has of such a tragic day.  She has since remarried, but the loss is still a part of her and always will be.  I have been thinking about her a lot lately.

 At the beginning of this year,  I was finally able to bring myself to watch the video filled with pictures of both Kaitlyn and James set to music.  I was both pleased and saddened to see one particular photo included.  I had captured Kaitlyn bright eyed and beautiful just a couple of weeks before she died. 

I don't know why I am sharing all of this except maybe to give yet another reminder of how precious life is...how quickly those we love can be taken away...how important it is to leave the legacy we want to leave behind and not a legacy of...well, she wanted to do these things, but never quite got around to it. 

Just some thoughts.

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