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Saturday, February 14th 2004

5:17 PM

A houseful...

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  • Time spent writing... cold, foggy

I have a houseful today. I know, I know...with five children, three cats and two pups...a houseful is an everyday event but today it feels like a household. I sent my hubby off snowmobiling with a kiss this morning while I stayed home with the kiddos. He went with our friends and I am watching their two. Sometime through the day, we inherited two more kids. They live across the street.

It's a bit noisy but I like having their friends here. It gives me the opportunity to train any wrong behavior that may crop up. We did have one or two occurances which I had to step in and correct but it really hasn't been bad handling nine kids by myself lol.

Okay, two just went home and it is much quieter now. I think everyone's energy levels are winding down. The fog is rolling back in so I am praying it isn't too bad for my hubby and friends as they travel back home.

I want to share a little about what God has been doing in my life. It actually starts a little over a year ago. Don't worry, I won't share it all in one day.

In June of 2002, we had just gotten back from a trip to Montana (my brother's wedding) when we found out we were moving up to Canada (we lived in Oregon). My husband worked for two jobs and had decided to go down to one job.

Two weeks later, we went up to Canada to check things out. We had a lot of fun that trip. In fact, we had so much fun that a few weeks later, we found out we were expecting baby number 5.   We knew the exact date too. hehehehe

Anyway, I got extremely sick and I couldn't tell you much about the move at all. I don't remember it. I was either hanging over a toilet of dead asleep thanks to the anti-neasea pills. My parents helped us move and I am so thankful because I couldn't have driven to save my life.

If anyone asked me if we were going to have more, I told them NO! I told them Bob was getting fixed! I was done. I am so sad my attitude was that bad. I wasn't walking in the joy of the Lord. But all that was about to change.

The catalyst to that change? A hospital tour. But that will have to wait until another day. I have kids needing my guidance.

See ya soon.

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