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Saturday, September 11th 2004

10:52 AM

Second Saturday Post

I am not sure what is up with some of those <> marks and stuff on the last post. Oh well.  Guess what else happened this summer?!  I gave my baby his first haircut!  I could have cried right after!!  His long, curly hair was gone!!  whaaaaaaaaaa  He looked so grown up and definitely no mistaking him for a girl anymore.  I cut it partly because of that (people thinking he was a girl) and partly because he gets so hot.

He looks like a little man and still soooo cute.  His hair is still curly, just short, and he has the longest eyelashes.  I think my biggest regret at the time was that I wasn't prepared to see him transform from looking like a baby, to looking like a toddler.

I have since adjusted and am learning to try and appreciate all the stages my children are in right now.  They really do grow and change so fast.  Don't you wish you knew then at the beginning of parenthood, what you know now? 
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