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Saturday, September 11th 2004

9:07 AM

First post for Saturday...

I plan on posting a couple entries, today, to catch everyone up on the summer happenings around here.   First though, if you could take a peek at baby Luke's blog, I would appreciate it.  Go to my entry right before this one to see what is going on with him.  Thanks.

Now…I can share all about our trip to Silverwood. We headed out Friday after lunch (the kids and I dropped the pups off that morning at the kennels…so sad) and arrived about the same time as my brother’s family and my sister’s family lol. My parents were helping us all at once. We all got down to setting up camp and then went to Pizza Hut for dinner. We had a fun time visiting and laughing.

We all came back to camp and just spent the evening relaxing. I ended up freezing all night the first night…couldn’t get warm and didn’t get much sleep.  Turns out…Heather and Chrysti were cold, too. Bob didn’t feel the cold until morning. I devised a plan of attack and we were all toasty warm the next two nights. 

<>The campground had been exaggerated in it’s niceties and we found ourselves trying to fall asleep to the semi trucks going past on the highway close enough for me to hit with rocks.    The paddle boat/canoe rentals were for what basically ended up as a drainage ditch with stagnant, green slimy sludge in it and lots of mosquitoes. Nasty!! The movie was on a small TV screen lol..well..you get the idea. The showers however were CLEAN, HOT, and PRESSURIZED!  That was the campgrounds redemption!! Don’t mess with my showers lol.  Some people drink coffee...I take a HOT shower! 

Saturday, we hit the Silverwood Theme Park side of the two parks and had a blast. I love the rapids type rides and we hit that first and got nicely soaked hehehehe. Christian wasn’t thrilled about that at all. Everyone went on that one except Bob and Jake. Then we hit various rides and I visited with mom some while we sat with Jake. Dad and I got to visit when we took the kids to the kiddie section while the others hit the roller coasters.  Yup, I take after my dad in not liking those things.  Although, I did get on the kiddie roller coaster and enjoyed it heheheheh.  Shhh..don't tell anyone how much fun it was. 

We left for dinner and then found we were all too tired to go back lol so we hung out together and had a bar-b- que. I decided I would go to bed early so I was rested for the next day (I was already down in my sleep due to Jake’s teething before the cold night). Well, these teens had moved in next to us and talked loudly until 2:00 when Bob finally said something which happened to be much nicer than anything I could think of at that point.  I had a migraine and they weren't helping.   They woke my sister’s pup and I said loudly, “Hey Jess…you didn’t want to get any sleep tonight, didya?” She mentioned something about kicking butt lol. They started up again early and woke us all up again. Thankfully, they left the next morning.

<>Sunday, we hit the waterpark side of Silverwood. It was AWESOME!!  My favorite thing was the Lazy River where you float along on an inner tube and they have a couple waterfalls that get you wet here and there, but they are easily avoided unless you have a hubby who intentionally pushes you towards them lol. They also had a floating bar with barstools sitting under water lol. My brother and his wife split a strawberry margarita as did Bob and I.  It was so relaxing floating along sipping our cold drinks. I could have stayed there all day lol…can’t remember how many times we went around that thing, but only one drink lol. Although I wanted this one called Jamaican something and so did Tiff lol. We couldn’t justify the money for it though.   <>

We went to the kids section which is this giant thing with stairs, slides, walkways and tons and tons of water coming at you from every angle. They have hoses and guns that anyone can shoot anyone with. This one jerk kept shooting people in the face (he was an older teen) and I tried to get him to stop shooting Chrysti so she could go down the slide, but he wouldn’t and kept aiming at our faces.

The water stung and Chrysti started crying so I shielded her with my body and got her out of there. I was so angry. Bob said he would take her and protect her. Well, he sure did lol. He went up behind the guy and leaned his body on him and whispered in his ear, “My daughter and I are going down that blue slide and you will not spray us” and then he walked with her down to that slide and looked at the guy who stopped and let them slide in peace before he attacked someone else. What a man!!! Love my hubby…wish I could have seen the guy lol.

 My brother and I tried to get him back but couldn’t get a hose to reach him. In hindsight, I should have asked the girls near him if I could borrow theirs and shot him with that. Don’t mess with me and mine lol. Anyway, Bob ripped open his finger going down the slide with Chrysti..not sure how but it was a nice chunk of flesh missing. OUCH! 

We went over to the theme park side after a while and wanted to hit a couple specific things like the train ride where they have a ‘hold up’ staged. Missed that and aimed early for the ice skating show. My dad, Bob, some of the older kids and I all ran across the park to the water rapids ride real quick and made it back with a couple of minutes to spare. Had to wrap ourselves in towels lol. The show was cool and we made it to the train ride right after. The train robbery was a riot!  We also hit the bumper cars...Bob hit me hard which would have shot me out of my seat if I wasn't belted lol. 

Then we all went back and said bye to my brother’s family. The next day, we packed up, hit a park on the way home with my sister’s family.  I went into the bathroom there to change and the door barely shut behind me before I turned to get out.  I had the crrepiest feeling.  I couldn't get out the way I came because it was an in only door.  I walked a little further in thinking I would just change quickly, but I was way too creeped out.  I hurried back out the out door and had my oldest daughter come in with me.  She didn't like the feel of the place either. 

After that we made it into town just in time to pick up our pups.  They were so excited to see us and jumped really high (standard poodles tend to jump straight up off the ground).    The whole trip was a blast but way too short. 
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