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Saturday, January 31st 2004

7:06 PM


This is how I would describe my house right now. We recently moved back into our home here in Oregon after a year in Canada. It took two huge UHAULs to get all of our belongings down here. Now, I know we are a family of seven but that is way too much junk! With my home cluttered, it is hard for me to relax and enjoy my surroundings and my family. I find this true for each of them as well. As I begin to really see the chaos around me, I see past the physical surroundings into the hearts of my family and I. Clutter reigns there, too. I am in the process of streamling both my home and my heart. I hope to share more about this as I go through the process. On a happier note, Bob and I took the kids and the pups to the park today and let them burn some energy. Jake fell asleep and since it was so cold and windy, he and I stayed in the Suburban and watched. I did step out briefly for some fresh air but froze and jumped right back in lol. They all had fun although Christian took a nose-dive as he was running down a hill. His face looks like he was on the losing end of a fight with a cat. He is hoping it heals soon. Poor thing. Well, not really much to add..Jake is teething and that is tiring for both of us. Hopefully the tooth will pop through soon.
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