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Thursday, February 14th 2008

9:06 AM

13 Things I Love (#3)

Happy Valentine's Day 

♥ 13 Things I Love ♥

1. I love Jesus who gave His life for me.

2. I love my husband who looks past my flaws (most of the time) and loves me for me.

3. I love my children who add so much wonder and excitement, love and acceptance to each day.

4. I love my dogs who are always happy to see me and are content to just be near me all day.

5. I love my cats who keep me humble.

6. I love nature for its beauty, inspiration and peace.

7. I love music which soothes the soul or gets you pumping.

8. I love books which open up new worlds an dallow you to escape the busyness of this one for a while.

9. I love photography because you capture snippets of life allowing you to live it over and over again.

10. I love friends because they show you that you are not alone.

11. I love blogging because you meet so many interesting people and get a peek into their lives.

12. I love relishing each moment of each day because that is living life to the fullest.

13. I love Valentine's Day because it's expected to be a little sappy and inspires your loved ones to be sappy with you.

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Posted by KoalaBear:

Thanx mom I love you to!!!:)
Thursday, February 21st 2008 @ 8:22 PM

Posted by Amy:

I love some of those as well!
Will be back!
Thursday, February 14th 2008 @ 6:10 PM

Posted by Willena:

Great list! This is a doubly special time for me... yesterday was our 26th wedding anniversary. LOTS to be thankful for! :)
Thursday, February 14th 2008 @ 3:00 PM

Posted by Penelope Anne ~ The Mama Bear:

Wonderful list for this week. :)
Thursday, February 14th 2008 @ 12:27 PM

Posted by Comedy Plus:

That's a lot of good things to love. Have a great TT and Valentine's Day. :)
Thursday, February 14th 2008 @ 11:15 AM

Posted by Robyn:

Like your list! Happy Valentines Day!
Thursday, February 14th 2008 @ 11:08 AM

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