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Monday, February 11th 2008

6:02 PM

A Long Hair Episode - The Dark Secret of Entrapment

I've always wanted long hair and I've finally grown it the longest it's ever been. It's just south of my bra strap. Excuse the messy hair, but I was in a hurry. Like the purple highlights? Sassy I know.

Anyway, I'm well on my way to the length I desire, but my joy is overshadowed by things I never suspected would happen. Those women with gorgeous, long hair never mention the dark side of having those luscious locks.

It was a beautiful day and I was busy doing whatever it is I do (as my hubby would put it), when I felt my hair snag. No one and nothing was around, so what was my hair hung up on? I gently pulled and that's when I knew.

My hair was trapped in my arm pit.


30 More Meandering Minds.

Posted by Lisa's Chaos:

Oh yeah, I've been there and hope to be again. How about almost choking yourself while tossing around during sleep or slamming it in the car door. Ouch. :)
Tuesday, February 12th 2008 @ 7:16 PM

Posted by Skittles:

Oh my gosh.. thanks for the laugh!!! (And for dropping by.)
Tuesday, February 12th 2008 @ 12:22 PM

Posted by Charlyn:

I used to have long hair- no purple though. I like it in your hair! But I am at the traditional age when hair is supposed to be shorter. Although I haven't ever been shorter than it is now. I'm thinking of being brave and giving it a try.
Maybe I should try the purple to cover the gray. Hmmmmm.
Monday, February 11th 2008 @ 9:26 PM

Posted by Jules:

Ya I've had that happen too. I also have had that stray hair on the back of my arm tickling me (usually a loose hair) and it gets clung to the back of my arm and kinda tickles me and I reach to try to get it and I can't find it and it is still there....Oh the joys of long hair. HAHA

I love long hair but I don't like how on me it looks flat after just a little bit. I am thinking about cutting more layers and doing some highlights...sorry no purple though.:) I do love your hair color with those highlights though I think it is so you!!!!
Monday, February 11th 2008 @ 8:18 PM

Posted by Katrina:

Awwww the joy of long hair, lol.
Good post mom. :)
Monday, February 11th 2008 @ 6:31 PM

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