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Friday, January 4th 2008

5:33 PM

Blowing away...

It's been incredibly windy here today. The dust from the surrounding fields created a dark curtain for most of the day. In fact, it was so bad on the interstate, visibility was about 20 feet and several big rigs blew over.

Since today was trash day, we watched trash cans fly over sending trash tumbling down the road. Various things have been blown around or smacked into the house (we had to take down some wind chimes), etc.

And it was kinda warm. Very strange weather.

Thankfully, two friends of mine braved the wind and hung out for some much needed girl talk. Sometimes I can hibernate in the winter which is not good for the winter blues, but this year, we have a new support group for homeschooling mamas and it has been wonderful to have something to look forward to each week.

Well, Little Miss Princess is feeling good today and needs some snugglin', so this post will left as a short ramble lol.

Look for a Anticipate 2008 post coming this weekend.

30 More Meandering Minds.

Posted by Gina:

Sounds like tornado weather! Do you guys get tornados out there??
Northern CA is getting a huge storm, so maybe you are getting some of the wind from that. Freaky!
Friday, January 4th 2008 @ 8:13 PM

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