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Wednesday, November 28th 2007

5:58 PM

Two days left

Wow - I've almost blogged an entire month straight. I've had so much fun and met some wonderful people. I think I needed this light hearted break from my novel, but I need to dive back into it soon. I want the first draft finished soon. Then I can go back through and layer in more description, weed out weak words, and polish it into something decent.

This makes me think of my spiritual walk. There are so many times when I'm coasting through with a bare bones approach to spending time with the Lord. You know what I mean. A quick prayer here. A glance at my Bible there.

After a while, guess what I end up with? A rough skeleton of what my spiritual walk could be. It lacks real substance, strength and staying power.

I have to allow Jesus to author my life; to come in to my day and flesh the story out. He cuts the junk. He adds the vivid details that touches all the senses and brings the words alive. His work lasts an eternity.

Jesus, finish the work you've begun in me. Weave the intricate plot and vivid description into something beautiful. Breath Life into me, so that I might serve you. Let your joy and peace pour through me onto those around me. In you name I pray, Amen.

I'm thankful for blankets. It's been so cold here lately. I love snuggling under warm blankets usually with a little one or maybe my cat, Lady Muse. Sometimes it's my hubby or one of the teens. Occasionally, I'll let one of our big dogs cuddle up. A blanket on a cold day is an invitation it seems.

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