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Tuesday, November 20th 2007

6:29 PM

10 Days left

Ten more days and then NaBloPoMo is over. It's been a great challenge and I've written new posts on four of my blogs this month. I'm beginning to get more consistent with more than one, too. By the end of the month, I'd like to have at least one new post on each blog and have a better idea which ones to faze out.

To everyone who is in this challenge, we are two thirds of the way done. We can do it. And if you happened to miss a day already, it's still a good thing. It still got you posting more consistently.

Speaking of new posts, I have two that you may find interesting:

If you'd like some ideas for Christmas gifts, check out my post on holiday guides and giveaways for today over on a dash of sassitude.

What makes my soul sing? Find out here.

Make sure you leave your footprint (comment) so I know you visited.

I'm thankful for books. The author who does their job well captivates me, makes me identify with their characters and keeps me turning the pages lost in another world for a time. Then I close the book, satisfied with the outcome and maybe even a little spiritually richer for having taken the time to read it.

Then we have the nonfiction where I can learn anything I want to learn or laugh over those things in life better swallowed with a dose of humor. Most things should be handled with humor.

I've always loved books and I'm thankful my children take after me in this passion. In fact, it's hard to keep them supplied with books!

How about you? Do you like to read? If so, what type of books do you prefer?


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Posted by s'mee:

I have been enjoying the challenge. I try to post every day anyway, but the weekends sometimes elude me, not now! As far as books I prefer biographies or books that 'feel' like a biography. We have SO many books. I didn't realize just how many until someone asked me where our books shelf is and I began naming literally EVERY room in the house!
Wednesday, November 21st 2007 @ 4:45 PM

Posted by Lanna:

Hi Audra,
I love reading! And to answer your query, my preferred genre is fantasy, with a sci-fi bent or not; it is wonderful to escape to a place unfamiliar, yet made known by a skilled writer!

I'm grateful my kids looooove their books, too.
Wednesday, November 21st 2007 @ 10:32 AM

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