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Sunday, November 18th 2007

5:54 PM

My Blog's New Design

What? You can't see anything different? That's because it isn't this blog. I have my writing blog on my own domain, but I wasn't really writing on it. The design did nothing to inspire me. 

Don't get me wrong, it was a gorgeous theme. It just wasn't me. My fingerprints were nowhere on the design. I ignored the blog which was easy considering I'm a mom of six and life is full.

Lately, I began to feel bad about neglecting the do,main and blog. The funny thing is, I have another bravejournal blog called Penning Prose. I love the banner on there, but two writing blogs? I have enough blogs without having more than one covering writing. What to do?

Steal the banner I designed (and love) and incorporate it into my other blog. I took this theme (click test run to really get an idea of what it looked like before I played around) and added my banner (hubby tweaked the color a bit), changed the color scheme a little, made an ink splat alphabet (it replaces the first letter of each post), made an ink splatter divider button for my sidebar, and made a favicon (the cool little button you see on the browser tab - if you bookmark my link, it should show up in your bookmarks - go ahead and try it lol).

I had a lot of fun, fed my creative side, learned a little more about code, and even learned a little spanish. Spanish you ask? Yes, spanish. That's what happens when you choose a theme half written in spanish. Some of it came back to me, but the babel translator helped with the rest. It also gave me some laughs.

Please, check out the new digs and tell me what you think. audrasilva.com

I'm thankful for a God who is creative and has passed on His creativity to His children. I'm thankful for children who love to be creative through coloring, painting, crafting, writing, playing...

I'm thankful I love being creative, too. I'm thankful that even though my hubby doesn't think he's very creative, I know better. The man surprises me sometimes with what he thinks up or designs when he jumps in while we are crafting.

I'm thankful that with Bob's help, my new blog design is done. Now which blog needs help next...

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