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Saturday, November 17th 2007

7:31 PM

SHHHH - I've been busy...

I'm redesigning one of my other blogs which will allow me to combine two of them. I chose a template for my wordpress blog and what to you know? It's written in spanish. So with babel on one screen and my blogging editor in the other, I've managed to get through it. If you find some spanish here and there, please drop a note and let me know. But not yet. Because I'm totally not done. I'm working on some buttons and stuff right now. After it's all ready, I'll let you  know.

I'm thankful for babel to translate spanish into english - sorta. hehe I'm extremely thankful for a husband who knows how to program and can get me out of my messes like when I broke the template page. It was a simple fix though.

Now to get back to making buttons.


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