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Tuesday, November 13th 2007

5:44 PM

Can I get a BUNCO!

I love playing Bunco. We meet once a month and there is always lots of laughter, lots of yummy snacks, and some fun prizes. The cost? $3. If you have never played Bunco, you've got to find a group and join in the fun. It's a great time of chatting and rolling the dice hoping for the right number and especially hoping for three of the right number in which case you scream Bunco and make everyone laugh.

Anyway, I have had little sleep and a very fussy toddler, whiney preschooler and well, anyway. Mama needs some Bunco time.

My Bunco group. They are a fabulous group of ladies. I was pregnant when I first became a member and even though they didn't know me well, they threw me a baby shower! I have had lots of fun since then and look forward to my monthly fun. I'm most definitely thankful for my Bunco group.

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