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Thursday, November 8th 2007

7:19 PM

Two Weeks

Thanksgiving is almost here. I think each year passes faster than the one before. We like to get our Christmas decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. My kids have already started playing Christmas music (limited so mama doesn't go crazy by the time Christmas actually arrives).

We haven't really developed any Thanksgiving traditions other than the Christmas decoarations. We did get a couple fall decoarations this yea, but I'm thinking we need some traditions.

What traditions do you have for Thanksgiving? I'd love some ideas.

Speaking of Thanksgiving - today, I'm thankful for forgiveness. I didn't have a steller mom moment today and, well, the kids didn't have a steller kid moment about 10 seconds before mine lol. Thankfully, we all care about each other enough to forgive and move past those ugly moments.

I'm also thankful that my hubby has been going out of his way to make me laugh and feel loved since last night. He's such a good man.

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Posted by Rachelle G.:

Hi Audra! Thanks for visiting my new blog! Just out of curiosity... how did you know about it? I just put out the word today so I'm interested in how news travels.

Email me!
Have a good weekend!
Friday, November 9th 2007 @ 12:39 PM

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