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Saturday, June 12th 2004

1:11 PM

5 Things I learned from a whoopie cushion - post 3 today

Well, I posted two long kinda hard posts so I thought I would leave you with something a little more lighthearted. Bet you didn't know a whoopie cushion could pass on some lessons in life. My children and I were browsing in Walmart  (this strikes fear in my hubby's heart because he never knows what I am going to come home with). I saw the self-inflating whoopie cushion and went oh...I have an idea!  I could get this and toss is under the youth pastor as he sits down during home group tonight!  

Then I thought...nah..better not waste the money right now...what with the huge vet bill and all. So Heather volunteered to buy it for me! I couldn't resist going out with a bang on the last 40 Days of Purpose homegroup meeting. So we bought the whoopie cushion and I decided to try it out on my sweet hubby first...just to make sure it would work.  

My oldest and I sat at the table and I carefully positioned the cushion..trying it a few times to make sure it worked well. Bob came into the kitchen and I said my tummy was upset. Then I let one rip only it came out more like a pft. Only Katrina and I heard it which made us giggle. This went on a few times with us snorting and Bob looking at us like we were nuts (okay, we are nuts but anyway...).

Then the moment came when pfffft pfft pft. We explode in laughter and Bob is shaking his head. A few minutes later, we get another pffffft, pfft, pfffft, pft. He said he wasn't sitting by me tonight and would make sure everyone knew it was me lol. I then made it obvious something was up and he finally caught on. Then I told him my plan but he countered with a better one...I should keep casually doing it all evening.

We left armed with our study guides, baby and whoopie cushion...but I made sure the neighbors heard some 'noise' on the way out and blamed it on Katrina as she blamed it on me. What a hoot!

Bob successfully made a pfft here and a pffft there and everyone politely ignored him. Bob and I got the giggles finally and couldn't go on after about 30 minutes. Everyone had a huge laugh and took turns pffffting. The host fessed up to having almost bought a remote controlled one over the weekend. Great minds think alike...errr...well minds think alike lol.

So, what did I learn in all this you ask? Let me give you a little run down:

1. I learned that you don't need a lot of money to have fun...$2 and a sense of humor are plenty!

2. You are never too old to play with toys!

3. Everyone should let their inner child hang out occassionally!

4. If we always shush our kids, we will miss the joy of hearing their giggles accompanied sometimes by lots of pffft sounds.

5. Laughter truly is the best medicine even when you are stressed, burned out, or hurting...find those things that make you laugh!

I am sure I could think of more but this is getting long lol...I have definitely given you a range of reading material today. FInd something to laugh about today. If you can't, I will loan you one well loved whoopie cushion.

10 More Meandering Minds.

Posted by Audra:

Glad you enjoyed reading about it lol. James, it would be a great investment! I plan on continuing to share the fun of whoopee cushions.
Monday, June 14th 2004 @ 5:26 PM

Posted by James:

hey, Great idea for youth. I am headed to 3 different church camps this summer and what an idea of a whoopie cushion. My wife probably won't care for it, but my kids will love it.

God enjoys a good heart.
Monday, June 14th 2004 @ 2:42 PM

Posted by Tina:

I really got tickled reading this! I could just picture all this going on! LOL!!! Too funny!
Monday, June 14th 2004 @ 9:52 AM

Posted by Audra:

I agree...we need to play more often. Simple pleasures.
Sunday, June 13th 2004 @ 11:57 AM

Posted by Tiff:

Teeheee!!!!!!!!! TOo funny
Sunday, June 13th 2004 @ 10:31 AM

Posted by Blossom:

Thanks for the laugh Audra.

It is true. Sometimes we think we are too old to play, in reality, I don't know why we stopped.

Life is way to short to always have a serious look on our faces.

Good things!

Sunday, June 13th 2004 @ 10:24 AM

Posted by Audra:

I am so glad you all got a good giggle from this. Laughter is such a beautiful thing.
Sunday, June 13th 2004 @ 7:26 AM

Posted by Peggy:

That's just too funny! I would loved to have seen their faces when the pffttt's first starting coming. LOL
Saturday, June 12th 2004 @ 10:20 PM

Posted by miranda:

I am killing myself laughing right now ROTFLROTFL
Saturday, June 12th 2004 @ 8:49 PM

Posted by Joyce:

I have yet to stop laughing--picturing the looks this created. Good going, Audra!!!!
Saturday, June 12th 2004 @ 1:47 PM

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