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Thursday, August 24th 2006

6:12 PM


It's about time for an update huh? Whatever have we been up to? Let’s see:

Last Saturday, we headed to a campground about 45 minutes away. We made it there at about lunch time and met up with our friends as they were pulling back into the dock. Dave took our family out for a bit. It was a hot day and perfect to be on the water. We stopped while we were out there and jumped in the water. BRRRRR! The Columbia River is chilly, but refreshing.

After the fun on the boat, we had to set up everything. Of course with near 100 degree weather, we were soon back in the river. I tied Amber on with a wrap and she had a blast playing in the water, too.

Then we took turns on the boat again. I went out with the teen girls and my friend Lori. We all took a turn on the knee board. I’m so proud of my girls! They did awesome. It was my first time on the board (first time for my girls, too) and for the life of me, I could NOT get my knees up on the darn board. I pulled and wiggled and went nowhere lol. What to do?

Have fun anyway; I decided belly boarding could be fun, too and played around for a bit before my arms said DONE! Talk about a workout. It was way fun and I’m ready to try it again.  

Then we all gathered around for some chit chatting and some FOOD! Oh yeah. There’s nothing like water fun to kick up the old appetite. Who am I kidding – I don’t need water fun lol.

We all pulled out lots of yummy fun: elk, steak, marinated chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, green salad, beans, can’t remember what else and topped off with rich chocolate cake. It was Kevin’s birthday and apparently he loves this cake. Uh, I quickly became a fan myself.

It wasn’t long after dinner when I discovered my eyes had a serious problem, they just would not stay open no matter how hard I tried.

I explained that the baby needed to go to bed and of course that means mama, too. I think they bought it. I slept like a rock. Amber slept like a rock. I woke up feeling awesome. I hadn’t even noticed the trains barreling by on the tracks not too far from us.

Bob, Christian and I were the only ones rarin’ to go, so we headed out for a walk. Refreshing and peaceful. There is nothing like waking up early and strolling around a sleeping campground. I then took time to write my morning pages and spend some time with Jesus. He and I really enjoyed the time together.

I watched life creep into the campground, watched my family interact and then realized my stomach was wide awake, too. Time for breakfast. We had scrambled eggs and cantaloupe. Yum. Then we all sat around and listened to Kevin play his guitar and sing some worship songs. We sang with him here and there, but mostly listened. Bob napped. Then it was time to pack up. Not so much fun especially when it hit almost 100 again. Yuck.

We did the only logical thing when we were all packed – we hit the water again. Wooohooo! By the time we got home, we were TIRED! I slept well again that night, but when I woke up the next morning, two days after belly boarding: I WAS HURTING! Oh my gosh lol. Every muscle screamed: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WOMAN! But I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Bring it on baby! Oh yeah. A new love.          

My only regret was not being able to take the jet skis. The batteries were dead. I was so bummed, but hopefully we will get them out soon. I LOVE jet skiing. I’d like to get out there a few times before the weather gets too cold. I’ll have to drag my honey if he doesn’t cooperate.

5 More Meandering Minds.

Posted by Audra Silva:

LOL Peggy and Sherry. Do try again, Sherry, but it's also a lot of fun to belly board, too. I hope to try and jump the wake as I belly board next time.
Tuesday, August 29th 2006 @ 11:39 AM

Posted by Sherry:

oops! That last one was me, just forgot to put my name... been one of THOSE days LOL
Monday, August 28th 2006 @ 8:34 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

I am laughing over here, too. I tried the board years ago. I had just been stationed in Hawaii and I believe I had been there two weeks when I tried it on Waikiki Beach. I gave up because I was so embarrased (I was 21). I have to try again when I get there in a few months! I thought I was the only one who never "got" it!
Monday, August 28th 2006 @ 8:33 PM

Posted by A Mother's Love by Peggy:

I had to chuckle about the knee board! We did that about 13 years ago, and I had the exact same problem! For the life of me I just could NOT get my knees up on that board! I tried and tried, to no avail. It was still fun on my belly though. :)

Glad you had fun. :) Sounds like a great time! Hopefully you'll get those jet skis out there soon!
Friday, August 25th 2006 @ 5:40 PM

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