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Sunday, August 13th 2006

4:48 PM

Jet skiing

I took my boater's test today and only missed one question. YES!!! I'm now able to play on my jet skis. While we were in Canada, they apparently changed the regulations for jet skiing. I took the test last year, but I never sent in the paperwork for my permanent permit. I used the temporary one and then I was side tracked by my morning sickness. So, now we can go play on the water!

I can’t wait to get out there and jump the waves and feel the spray hit me. Or just simply sit out there floating on the water in complete silence. It is so incredibly peaceful and freeing to be on the water. I like to take my jet ski in a tight circle and really get the water choppy before I shoot out of it and then back through the waves I’ve created.

You can really catch some air. Our other jet ski is like a Cadillac. It rides smooth and makes waves feel like ripples. That baby is great for pulling skiers or rafts.

Can you tell I’m really eager to get out there and have some fun? I have a feeling Bob and I will head out sometime this week to make sure they are in good running order because next weekend, we are going camping up near the Columbia River and pulling our jet skis up there. It will be the first time I’ve taken them out on the river. We always take them to the reservoir. This will definitely be different waters, but I’m thinking a blast to play on.

Are there any fellow jet skiers out there? If you’ve never ridden one, you are missing out.

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