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Sunday, June 4th 2006

11:55 AM

Time for another post? Montana Trip Part I

It's been a little over two weeks since my last one so the answer is definitely yes. In my last post (before the two reviews), I mentioned that I was taking a trip with all the kids (minus Katrina who was already there). We headed out fairly early and had our first stop in Kennewick...about 45 minutes away. I had to get a mini tape player because I had some writing ideas come to mind and knew I'd have more in the next five hours of the trip. After taking Jake to the bathroom TWICE in that short stop, we hit the road again.

Amber slept while Jake entertained himself by sticking pretzels in his ears (the stick kind in case you were wondering). It wasn't until we hit Spokane that things went a little nuts and I don't mean negotiating city traffic either. No, Jake chose this time frame to call my name over and over and over and over (you get the idea) again even though I asked him to hush so I could concentrate. Then Amber joined in with some heavy duty wailing because when she's ready to nurse, you have about 20 seconds to comply before she really cuts lose.

We finally made it past there and stopped at a gas station. Heather took the kids to the bathroom while I nursed Amber with a rather sour faced woman staring at me from the car next to me. I just smiled at her. Then we discovered that the back door wouldn't shut. We've had this problem on occasion, but usually the front door. I called Bob to ask how to fix it again.

After nursing Amber, I took her in to change her and thankfully they had a changing table. On the way back through the store, I heard a familiar SPLAT. Arg. Amber had christened their floor (I've yet to tell you about her in this regard...let's just say we call her Mt. St. Amber because she has a tendency to errupt with spit up all over the place). We got that cleaned up, everyone buckled and I fixed the locking mechanism on the door so we could shut it. Off we went again. And the rain began. Ick.

About 5 minutes later ( I kid you not), Jake says he has to pee again. I say, "Jake, you just went, you'll have to wait!" Nice and firm tone, good patient mommy.

Jake says he's gonna wet the seat.

"No, you will be fine. You just went and you haven't drank much water. You can hold it." At this point, I know it's just a ploy, but I'm beginning to have a small doubt intrude on my peace. I'm still calm at this point...relatively.

He begins crying, dancing and saying he's really gotta go.

I'm thinking, Crap, the kid has got to go, he's gonna fill his car seat and it will stink to high heavens the last half of the trip!

I pull quickly (but safely of course) over to the shoulder because we are miles from a bathroom and he refuses to go because it's raining. Most kids would think it was an adventure, but not Jake.

Off we go again, spitting gravel, and I high tail it down the highway counting down miles to a kid who has no idea what a mile is before switching to minutes at which time I realize he really has no concept of time either. We finally make it to a small town where I stop at the McDonalds and Heather takes him potty. Two drips. That's all the kid had in him. TWO DRIPS!!

We grabbed a cheap lunch and jumped back on the highway and I told Jake to go to sleep because there was no way I was stopping again until we hit Missoula. The rest of the drive was uneventful.

We arrived just as my nephew's soccer game ended (so much for timing) and met my sister, her hubby, my nephew and my long, lost daughter near the field. She was shocked by my new hair color and style (my intention) and we all had a blast hugging, laughing and catching up a bit. When we got back in the car, Jake freaked out because Katrina wasn't in there with us (she had to ride with my sister still because of the way we had packed) and he thought we were leaving her again.

This has gotten a tad long, so I'm going to write a little about our week in Montana in the next post.

3 More Meandering Minds.

Posted by Audra Silva:

Sunday, June 4th 2006 @ 9:51 PM

Posted by Camy Tang:

You poor woman. That's almost as bad as the dog whining to be let out every ten minutes on our road trip down to Monterey.
Sunday, June 4th 2006 @ 6:13 PM

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