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Monday, May 10th 2004

5:43 PM

An updated look for my blog...and calling Survivor fans!

  • Feeling... Head hurts
  • Pondering... Head hurts too bad to listen to any
  • Time spent writing... Rainy, cloudy, gloomy, only in the 50's

Since we now have the Journal of the Week and Bravenet Journal Community to play with, I decided to give my blog a mini makeover. I added a little more style to it. What do you think?

So...who watched Survivor last night? I was thrilled with the two love birds  reaching the end together. I do think Boston Rob should have won the million, but I guess he won it anyway in the long run lol. I thought some of the other players were a little harsh and forgot for a moment that they were playing a game. However, considering the extreme conditions that had been living in for so long, I guess they were entitled to be a little crabby.

Not much happening here. We have still been fighting some silly bug...more annoying than anything really. My daughter, Heather, turned 12 on the 5th and we celebrated last night. We made the dinner she had requested: my hubby's special bean dip with Frito scoops. She opened some gifts and loved them all.

I had a nice Mother's Day. We went to church which was wonderful. Then we came home and relaxed. The kids and I watched King of the Wind after Bob and Christian finished watching the golf game.  Then Bob brought home Fried Rice and Egg Drop Soup for the two of us. I got some special cards from my kiddos and a carnation from church. My mom and I chatted for a bit which was awesome as usual.

Friday I spent the day doing some shopping and Saturday I spent the day going to yard sales. We found some treasures, but not a whole lot. I haven't been yard saling in years. Well, that is about all from my neighborhood lol. I haven't done a whole lot today other than go to the chiropractor. Boy did he crank me back into place.  But I felt better after although I still have a bad headache. Hence the meandering nonsense you get to read tonight.

Hope everyone who is a mom had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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Posted by Audra:

My hubby was thinking Rupert should get it. I loved the proposal, too.
Wednesday, May 12th 2004 @ 8:16 PM

Posted by miranda:

I was going to be happy either way Rob or Amber! And I loved that he asked her to marry him. But I think Rupert is going to win tomorow.
Wednesday, May 12th 2004 @ 8:12 PM

Posted by Peggy:

I hope you head feels better.
I was so happy that Rob and Amber won too! If you go to the Survivor website you can see Kathy talking before the voting and she was so sure that Amber was just 'using' Rob! LOL You could just tell by the look in those two love birds eyes that there was no faking it there!
Tuesday, May 11th 2004 @ 10:08 AM

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