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Thursday, February 2nd 2006

5:47 PM

One more thought...

Or maybe a couple. :) There have also been rumors and lies spread about the producers and Steve Saint (the son of one of the missionaries killed) over the hiring of a gay actor. Some were spread because of ignorance and others out of a malicious heart. Why are Christians sometimes the ones who hurt fellow Christians the most? It must grieve the Father's heart, much like it grieves mine when my children hurt each other. There is a lesson to be learned here.

If we are walking closely with the Lord, praying for wisdom before we act, and truly striving to be led by the Holy Spirit in all matters, we can prevent things like this from happening.

Another thing to ponder, what kind of message does this send to non-believers? Why would anyone be attracted to Jesus when they see strife and turmoil amongst those who profess to love him? From the heart, the mouth speaks. If we have the love of Christ in our heart, then his love should be flowing from our lips, ministering to others and gently leading them to Christ.

If harsh words and hateful messages are on your tongue, they came from your heart. It's time we really see what's going on in there and how we can become more Christ-like. In this way, others may be drawn to the one who showed mercy and justice by allowing his son to become our atonement.

I'm not casting a stone here. Not at all. This message applies to me as it does to everyone. We all have found ourselves judging someone for something at some point. Sometimes we don't even realize it, but the Holy Spirit will prick our own spirit when we need to see the truth about ourselves and the Truth in a situation.

Brandilyn Collins (a terrific author by the way) posted about this controversy on her blog, Forensics and Faith. She includes two links: one with answers from the producer and Steve Saint and one for an article well worth reading by Randy Alcorn.

Reading what the producer and Steve have to say is going straight to the source rather than hearsay and Randy makes some awesome points regarding this situation.

As always, please share your thoughts on this post and the one before it even if you disagree. Just remain loving in your responses.
8 More Meandering Minds.

Posted by Audra Silva:

Thanks, Claire. :)
Friday, September 15th 2006 @ 5:20 PM

Posted by Claire Andrews:

I hope everything has gone according to plan - I've been thinking of you. Fortunately, you're going into spring so things should get really nice outside soon
Friday, April 7th 2006 @ 3:57 AM

Posted by Audra Silva:

Hi Peggy - I agree. In many ways, the old testament laws were to show man that they couldn't uphold every law...they were too sinful. That's why we needed (still need) Jesus and his death on the cross. That's where grace enter in. I hate seeing how Christians treat others when they've had a taste of God's love and mercy...they need to learn to extend that. I feel bad for that poor woman and how she was treated.

Hey there, Kym - I haven't had the baby yet lol. Just lots of contractions and discomfort right now. :)
I agree - why would anyone want to know a Jesus whos followers can be so cruel to each other. It's no wonder many non-believers think God is harsh and mean. His love isn't reflected well by many of those who represent him.
Sunday, February 12th 2006 @ 10:04 AM

Posted by Kym:

Hi Audra, a friend of yours visited my blog through your site. I didn't even know you had me linked. How sweet. :) I've been so bad about blogging lately and I've got your site bookmarked. I do wonder if you are off having that baby...

Haven't read much about the movie you are talking about but when I first heard about it, I did wonder if it was about Elizabeth Eliot's first husband. Maybe I should read more about it.

And yes, my husband once told me that no one will try to hurt a Christian like another Christian. Sad but true. Makes you wonder why anyone outside the faith would want to become a part of such a bickering family, you know?
Saturday, February 11th 2006 @ 7:21 PM

Posted by A Mother's Love by Peggy:

The small mindedness of many Christians truly never ceases to amaze me. The phrase "They will know we are Christians by our LOVE" comes to mind so often.
On a Christian site one time, there was the argument of whether a woman who became pregnant out of wedlock should be given a shower by the church women. It still amazes me that any Christian woman would even have to wonder whether or not they should? What would Jesus do with this actor? What would Jesus do with this unwed mother? If we really know Jesus, we already know the answer.
I want the world to know the Jesus I know, not some legalistic view of what others thing He 'should' be. Yes, many ways of grace seem to go against the Old Testament laws, but Jesus also seemed to go against the OT laws as well. It's all about the first two commandments. Many just don't see that though. :(
Sunday, February 5th 2006 @ 1:19 PM

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