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Thursday, February 2nd 2006

4:14 PM

The End of the Spear controversy...

Some of you may have heard about the recently released movie: End of the Spear. It's an inspiring story about five missionaries who went to witness to the Waodani tribe and were brutally murdered. How can that be inspiring you ask?

Well, God has a knack for making something beautiful from tragedy. In this case, some family members of the missionaries who were killed went to live with the tribe. The Waodani learned that living and dying by the spear was not the way to Life. Both the missionaries and the Waodani's lives were drastically changed and the deaths of those five missionaries were not in vain. They had no way of knowing what was going to happen, but God did and he worked it all out to his glory. This movie centers around one of the Waodani, who was in the raid that attacked the missionaries, and the son of one of those missionaries.

So what then could be the controversy? It turns out that the lead actor, playing one of the original missionaries as well as the son, is gay. Not only is he gay, but he is a gay rights activist. Many Christians were shocked to find out and then the shock turned to outrage: How dare they cast a gay man to play such a godly man?! Many have decided they will not, CANNOT, watch this movie now. They feel it has been tainted.

I agree. It has been tainted, but not because the lead actor is gay. No, it's been tainted because of judgmental people, judgmental Christians, who have forgotten that Christ died for all of us. He loves the sinner (good thing since we ALL are sinners, although, some seem to have forgotten this) and hates the sin.

Think about this: what if God wanted this man to play this role? What if God moved to make it happen? What if God wanted this man to see his glory in all of this? Who the heck are we to question that? In your outrage, did you stop and consider this might be part of God's plan? He has made it clear his ways are not our ways.  Did you once pray that this man's life would be transformed by the story being told?

Here's a story for you to ponder: There was this adulterous. She was beautiful and definitely well known for her lack of morals when it came to sex. Men wanted her, women despised her. The 'righteous' men wanted to snare Jesus, so they dragged this woman caught in the very act of adultery into the court where Jesus was teaching.

These men were quite smug because they had the law on their side. Moses had said the law for this crime was stoning. They didn't really care about her crime, but she was worthless in their eyes and useful to their cause and they demanded 'justice'.

What did Jesus do? Did he gasp at her sin and begin speaking out about what an awful person she was and how dare she be near him? No, he bent down and drew in the sand.

This really confused everyone. What was he doing? Did he not know how serious the charge was? Why was he drawing in the sand?

They persisted in stating their cause and were angry that he wasn't listening. So he stood and faced them and said, "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."

HUH?! This wasn't what they wanted. They stood stunned. Then the words struck them and they began to file out and before long, the woman and Jesus were alone. Not one of them could throw the stone because they all knew they weren't without sin themselves.

But Jesus was. He was sinless and perfect. And he chose to not throw a stone either. He loved her and told her to sin no more. He forgave her and she began a new life free from her sin.

What's my point? Well, whoever among you is without sin, then go ahead and be outraged. Go ahead and pick up that stone. What? Ahhh...I didn't think you could because there is still only one who walked the earth and was sinless.

My advice: forget your outrage, drop your rocks and go see this movie. It's a powerful testimony of the good God can bring where man and satan intend evil.

On a side note: would we want the secular world to not cast Christians in movies because our faith didn't mesh? Just a thought.
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Posted by Audra Silva:

I agree, Shelli. :)
Thursday, June 22nd 2006 @ 4:53 PM

Posted by Shelli:

Wow, well said! I have no problem if a Gay man acts in a film that shows the world how good God is. Why can't a gay man portray it? Could it be that this controversy will drive him further into his activism, and had the critics not been so grossly out of line, he might have actually pondered what he was acting out. Now who knows?
Friday, March 10th 2006 @ 5:57 AM

Posted by Audra Silva:

Claire - I have no idea...the story is still an amazing story of courage and redemption. They will definitely miss out.

Gina - Thanks. :) I am looking forward to seeing the movie, too. :)
Sunday, February 12th 2006 @ 9:11 AM

Posted by Gina:

Hey, Audra. Very compelling. Thanks! I want to see that movie!!
Sunday, February 5th 2006 @ 6:02 AM

Posted by Claire Andrews:

That's an interesting controversy - it's a shame that the movie is being obscured by this. What do those people think they are achieving by boycotting the film?
Saturday, February 4th 2006 @ 4:23 PM

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