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Thursday, April 29th 2004

6:23 PM

Flu bug strikes...

  • Feeling... Great
  • Pondering... Baby fussing...poor thing
  • Time spent writing... Sunny and warm at 69 degrees

It looks like we may be passing the flu bug around our family. Monday night, Christian threw up all over his dinner plate...we all enjoyed that lol. Made our food all the yummier. Then for the next couple of days...it chose the other end. He is fine now but Chrysti was struck at about midnight last night. Poor baby was thrashing and rolling around clutching her tummy and puking all over the bathroom floor.

Everyone but Christian woke up to that party. Bob was out of town and blissfully unaware lol. Today, she has been struck at the other end. She also has had headaches and a low-grade fever. Sometime today...Heather developed the fever and feels crummy but that is as far as she has gone with it so far. Bob just got home and helped me wake her up and he carried her upstairs to the couch for some awake time. She isn't ready to eat...after watching Christian and Chrysti...who can blame her?

I am praying everyone else escapes it. Speaking of praying..good news! My tent shade blew back! Okay...it didn't blow back but Bob found it out back, down the hill and several houses over. I am so happy! It sure is nice having him home again...I know...it was just a day, but when you are married to such a wonderful (and sexy) man...you miss him fast.

On a personal note...I have my mojo back. I had prayed that God would motivate me to pull this house back together and He sure knew the kick I needed. That kick arrived today when my dear friend arrived for a visit. I walked through the house with her to show her how messy it was with all the stuff not having a home, yet (remember...we moved in about 4 months ago). Well, as I was touring our home...I really saw how bad it had gotten. I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I had let it get so bad and allowed my family to live with it.

I had hoped for a kick to get me excited and inspired, but God doesn't mess with the surface. No, He reaches into the heart and brings about a lasting change. I am so thankful for the work He did in my heart today. Well, supper is ready and I am off to enjoy my family.

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