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Wednesday, April 28th 2004

11:25 AM

Home group and other happenings from yesterday...

  • Feeling... Good
  • Pondering... WOW 97 CD
  • Time spent writing... Alternating between sunny and big, ugly clouds, windy, and according to my desktop weather, a cool 49 degrees. BRRR

Our church began the 40 days of purpose the other day. Monday was day 1 of the actual 40 days and last night was the first home group meeting. It was awesome! We have five couples. Some people met for the first time last night, others met each other recently, and still others have known each other for years, but everyone shared from their heart. We got into deep and honest discussions on the first night.  I am really excited to see what God brings over the next several weeks.

My oldest babysat all the kids except the two babies of the group. They all had a great time and got along wonderfully. I know they will be waiting impatiently all week for the next meeting.

Yesterday, we had one of our wind storms. We get some awesome ones...sometimes you can see this giant curtain of dust passing by. It is really cool...normally. Unfortunately, the wind lifted my little tent shelter I use for my little ones. We have no other shade in our yard. I am praying for a miracle in recovering our little lost tent shade.  Isn't it awesome that God cares about such little things, too? Our children can bring both their little and big problems to us to fix...likewise, we, God's children, can bring our little and big things to Him to fix.

My hubby is off on a mini work related trip today. He left from work about 20 minutes ago and is heading down south to some little town with his boss. They will be gone until tomorrow night. He was sweet and messaged me before he left. What an awesome man.  I plan on staying busy while he is gone. I have some decluttering, organzing, and planning to do. Speaking of which, I am off to get started.

4 More Meandering Minds.

Posted by Audra:

Thanks Peggy...we did get it back! WOOHOOO!
Thursday, April 29th 2004 @ 8:00 PM

Posted by Audra:

Hi Tiff,
The 40 days of purpose is a study using The Purpose Driven Life book by Rick Warren. Here is a link which explains it: http://www.purposedriven.com/home.aspx
I am enjoying it a lot so far. Makes you think.
Thursday, April 29th 2004 @ 8:00 PM

Posted by Peggy:

We had quite the wind here too yesterday.
I hope you find your shade tent! Hopefully it's in a neighbours yard and they will come ask if it's yours!
Wednesday, April 28th 2004 @ 2:41 PM

Posted by Tiff:

Can you explain more what the 40 days of purpose is? It sounds neat and how wonderful of your daughter to babysit.
Wednesday, April 28th 2004 @ 11:54 AM

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