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Tuesday, April 27th 2004

4:06 PM

A weird situation...

  • Feeling... Most excellent!
  • Pondering... Rachael Lampa CD
  • Time spent writing... Sunny, very windy, and according to my desktop weather, 81 degrees

Today, I was out running a couple of errands with all my kiddos. I got my groceries at Wal-Mart, picked up some oat flour from a health food store and then headed to my last errand...the bank. On the way, I passed a cop who had just finished with someone he had pulled over. I groaned as he got behind me because it always bugs me lol. Anyway, I was going a little over 20 because I wasn't entirely sure what the speedlimit was but I knew it was slow (it was 20 on the road running parallel). By the time I saw the sign, I was almost to the bank anyway (only a few blocks down). The speed was 30mph. Ok...so a little slow but it isn't like this is a big city. We live in a little town.

So anyway, I pull in and he pulls in on the other side of the parking lot and sits across from me staring. I think great...he is going to be a pill and follow me when I leave. I went into the bank and the cashiers were all commenting on the cop and I was thinking "don't worry...it is me he's after" lol. Thankfully for me (but not for the poor guy who got the ticket), he was occupied by a man who pulled into the parking lot too fast. My girls said up to that point, he had been staring at the Suburban and them. Made them nervous.

Why do some cops think they have to play the intimidation game? Ugg...makes me want to give them a piece of this mother's mind. They are like little boys who didn't really grow up. Not all cops...heck my brother is heading for a police career...but some need to knock off the stupid stuff. I don't know...maybe this cop had a thing for Suburbans. Maybe he didn't have enough tickets for April...who knows.

However, this got me to thinking about the fact that I as yet haven't gotten my Oregon driver's liscense even though we have been back for 4 months now. I actually have a very valid reason although I am not sure my reasoning would have any influence on a cop. You see, I have this funny history. All through our marriage, I have had this crazy knack for being pregnant every time we move and I have to get a new driver's liscense. Since Jake has recently turned one (Easter Sunday) and we have decided to embrace God's plan for our family size, well, I am simply not ready for that new driver's liscense yet.

It isn't that I don't want another child...no way...I would love at least a half dozen (we have five right now) but I would like to develop some strong habits in consistency first.

I will simply have to work hard at changing this area of my life because in May, I need to bite the bullet and go get it done. Hmmm....do you think they will believe me when I say I am a blonde masquerading as a red/brunette?

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Posted by Audra:

LOL...two years...I guess 4 months is nothing.
Tuesday, April 27th 2004 @ 10:03 PM

Posted by Tiff:

I hate when police officers do that stuff. I always get nervous as well and I've never even had a ticket. ACK!! Good luck on the new driver's license picture. Mine are always horrid. I still use my TX one and I've been in MS for two years so you are doing better than me.
Tuesday, April 27th 2004 @ 8:30 PM

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