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Saturday, January 7th 2006

2:25 PM

This and that...

I have a small hodge podge of things I'd like to post about, but none really warrent a whole post unless I go off on a tangent. Me? Nah.

I started a book called The Artist's Way which is all about cultivating your creativity. I'm three days into it and having fun. You can read more about that at my new creativity blog: Simply Audra Marie - Creating From The Heart

We took some family photos with my new digital camera and gear on Christmas Day. Here are the results: http://www.thesilvas.com/pics/ along with the picture of me under random images (right side of page above tag board).

The last bit of news is that I will be posting on a new blog called Bible Babes with two (possibly three) other women from Women @ Home about what we glean from scripture. We are starting in Daniel and it should be some good reading. Come join us. You could read along and post your own thoughts in the comments area. I'll be posting my first post on there in a few minutes.

Update: Bible Babes isn't working quite right so it may be a day or two before we get going. Check back then.

QOTD from Women @ Home for 12/31/05: If you could enter 2006 with the knowledge that you would NOT fail at something, what would that something be? Please do not include marriage, parenting, or religion here -- this is about your personal goals. We're talking that BIG Something in your heart and mind...And with that one thing, what in "real life" holds you back to begin with?

You know, this was easy to answer for me. The one thing that I would not fail at would be finishing what I start. Simple yet so complex for me. I am a great beginner, but seem to fizzle out before I really get going with things. It's frustrating, but I am seeing progress in this area. I'm praying God continues to help me plug away at things and establish well-grounded habits.

The thing that holds me back? Myself. I tend to procrastinate or lose focus. I know some of this is my ADD and learning to overcome the negative traits while capitalizing on the positive ones is definitely helping me change this. I'm actually taking steps forward and will continue making progress with God's help.

QOTD from W @ H for 1/3/06: Do you know your Spiritual Gift(s)?  Wouldn't it be great if, in 2006, we not only know who we are, but act accordingly?

My gifts are discernment, wisdom, leadership, teacher, apostle, faith, exhortation, knowledge and prophecy. I'm finding that as I draw closer to Jesus, as I seek to know him, he is strengthening my gifts and I'm excited to see where we go this next year and the years beyond.

A side note: One of the women on the forum mentioned that she had the gift of sarcasm. I am very familiar with this gift although I have another name for it - the gift of witdom...sometimes definitely in opposition to the gift of wisdom.

This week's Swondering from W @ H is to finish this sentence: I want to be remembered for....

I want to be remembered for making relationships my first priority. For having a deep understanding and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, for being a wonderful wife and mom leaving my family a strong Godly heritage and faith, and for grasping life with both hands and really living in the moment.

Your turn: Leave a comment with your answers to these questions and prompts. Or post it on your own blog and come back and leave a link for others to read it.

7 More Meandering Minds.

Posted by Audra Silva:

I'm looking forward to your answers, Camy. :)
Tuesday, January 10th 2006 @ 8:49 AM

Posted by Camy Tang:

I'll post some answers to your questions on Monday!
Sunday, January 8th 2006 @ 1:40 PM

Posted by Audra Silva:

I think you will do great and getting back up and continuing forward is definitely great advice!
Great gifts...remember to keep them in mind as you go through the year. :)
Yeah, just being remembered is a good thing lol.
Sunday, January 8th 2006 @ 12:32 PM

Posted by Gina:

If you could enter 2006 with the knowledge that you would NOT fail at something, what would that something be?
This year, I believe that something will be my new venture- selling vintage clothing at the antique mall where I work. I am determined to be business-minded about it, and serious, and yet have a blast doing it. So, I see it as a no-fail because I am not going to quit!! You are only a failure when you stop getting back up!!!!

Do you know your Spiritual Gift(s)?
I used to know them better than now... its been a while since I've taken one of those quiz things... but I know I have a gift of hospitality, teaching, leadership, and discernment.

I want to be remembered for....
I just want to be remembered!!! haha. I hope that I am remembered for my love of my family and my God.
Sunday, January 8th 2006 @ 11:06 AM

Posted by Audra Silva:

I think some of them really work together/are similar which might be why we have so many.

It's a good thing to be remembered for. :) Thanks for visiting. :)
Saturday, January 7th 2006 @ 9:11 PM

Posted by Cynthia (WAH):

WOW, I had multiple results too! I had 11 tie for my top 3...:o I totally identify with what you want to be remembered for! ;)
Saturday, January 7th 2006 @ 8:58 PM

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