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Monday, April 26th 2004

3:50 PM

Meandering thoughts and ponderings and ramblings...

  • Feeling... Optimistic
  • Pondering... The sound of kids playing
  • Time spent writing... BEAUTIFUL! The sun is shining and it is 77 degrees out! I am pumped as jet skiing weather gets closer!

I am back from my long (to me anyways) journal break. I had to get some things in order around here after the chaos of everyone being sick. We are slowly working back into a routine and I am free to enjoy journaling again. So much has gone on this month. This post might get long so grab a soda, tea, coffee...whatever and enjoy.

First: Thanks everyone for the comments on my new hairdo! I am loving life as a red/brunette. It has been fun sporting a totally new look.  I need to change my banner up top now though. Hmmm...I will have to get hubby to take a picture of me this week.

Now for my ramblings, ponderings, thoughts...hopefully they will come out in some kind of intelligent form.  I have been thinking a lot about my online life. I have come to the conclusion that my online life is as unorganized and overwhelming as my offline life. But why do I keep getting overwelmed and unorganized? I think there are a few reasons.

One: I forget my priorities. Or rather...I choose to do what I want instead of what I should or need to do.

Two: I try to do too much. Then I run out of time and because I haven't focused on my priorities, I feel guilty. I end up not really accomplishing anything...at least...nothing of any real value.

Three: I am inconsistent. I recently told my husband that the only thing I am consistent with is being inconsistent!  Ok...I am consistent with breathing, too, but if I had to be responsible for it on a conscious level...I might look a little blue.  

These are the main causes of my overwhelmed and diorganized chaos both on and offline. So what is a girl to do? Prioritize, cut out the excess and develop consistency. This is my focus this week. I am writing a list of everything that calls for my time/energy and then prioritizing them. Whatever really isn't of importance is getting axed! Then, going down the list according to priority, I will begin to develop consistency in each area.

It feels great to have a plan of action. I actually began this plan a few days ago when I decided that my first priority has to be my relationship with my Heavenly Father. So I designed a quiet time notebook and committed to spending one hour daily first thing in the morning talking and listening to Him. You may be saying one hour? Is she insane...who has that much time on their hands. Well...how much time do you spend surfing aimlessly on the net? How much time to you spend staring at the latest reality show on TV..watching people live their lives while yours passes by unnoticed? I spent a couple of hours each morning online and I decided I definitely had time to make an appointment each morning with God. After all, He has all the time in the world for me and I guarentee His plate is fuller and bigger than mine!

I have already had some wonderful results after meeting with Jesus each morning so far. The time itself blesses me as I pour my heart out to God and as I stop and listen to what He wants to tell me through His Holy Spirit or through His Word. I come out of my room refreshed and more able to handle life or at least know I can quickly turn to Him for strength. He is never far from my mind and I find myself seeking His advice on things more often. This is what relationship is all about! How wonderful that the Creator of heaven and earth has time for me...a mere sinner. I know I am getting a little preachy, but I really needed to share my heart on this matter.

Keep tuned in for my progress on this action plan. Also, stay tuned for the updated banner.  I am also working on a whole new website which I hope to unveil in May...be looking for it. I will add my progress here and should have a grand unveiling date before too long.

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Posted by Audra:

Thanks so much for the cheering! Maybe we can hold each other accountable and stop the circle running.
Tuesday, April 27th 2004 @ 10:04 PM

Posted by Tiff:

I'm so proud of you, girl!! I need to do that same thing because I'm always running in circles. ACK!! I hope it works out well and can't wait to hear your updates on the changes.
Tuesday, April 27th 2004 @ 8:27 PM

Posted by Audra:

Thanks Miranda.
Tuesday, April 27th 2004 @ 3:43 PM

Posted by Audra:

Not for me. For me it is simply being selfish and lazy. This is something I really have to overcome.
Tuesday, April 27th 2004 @ 3:43 PM

Posted by Miranda:

That's awesome Audra!!!
Monday, April 26th 2004 @ 8:49 PM

Posted by Peggy:

I am consistently inconsistent too! I guess we have that in common. lol Do you think it stems some what from mommy brain after 5 kids or were you always this way? I can't decide if I've always been this way or not. lol
Monday, April 26th 2004 @ 8:32 PM

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