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Monday, January 26th 2004

3:55 PM


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Monday's can be so...Mondayish. I mean, if you are only going to have one bad day this week, chances are, it will be a Monday! My Monday started out disguised as another day. Maybe a Friday because Fridays are usually the best day simply because you know the weekend is here. This particular Monday-in-hiding started out really good. I was feeling spunky and dancing around as I got ready for the day. I just knew today held great things I could write about in my blog. My oldest two read my first blog entry (yesterday's) and wanted to leave cute messages so I cheerfully allowed them to take over my keyboard for a bit. I even let them read a friend's blog and leave comments for her, too. The puppies were behaving, the baby was playing happily, and I was getting a lot done on my to do list. The day was rolling along smoothly with only the occasional mild bump which I handled like a pro. I even took a big step in moving my writing from hobby to freelancing. I have been nervous about diving into the publishing world for fear I would fail at it. Today seemed like a great day to stick my toes in and see how it felt. A call for submissions came into my inbox for articles to a magazine that looked like one I might like to write for but alas...no writer's guidelines...only an email to submit to and a deadline of tomorrow. Not to be daunted, I went searching on the web and found the site but again no guidelines. But I did find the call for submissions again with the same person to submit to. I decided I would step in a little further and go for it. I got a basic feel for the magazine from the site although there is no online content for the actual magazine as it is print only. It is also one I can't go out and buy locally so I am writing an article to submit but in the meantime...I thought it might be smart to email the person and request some guidelines on the off-chance they were easily obtainable. I then checked out the site further determined to find more information when alas...I did!! I found out that the person I had ever-so-professionally requested guidelines from is in fact the president/founder of the site and magazine! Yup...I feel DUMB! I am still going to polish off the article and submit it and see what happens but I am not holding my breathe. The day pretty much went downhill from there. The kids are arguing, the baby is teething (need I say more), the puppies are so subtle about asking to go out that if you blink...you will miss the sign. Yup...we missed the sign for not one but BOTH of them! And lets not even mention that the pups are teething too...but how does one put the carpet up out of their reach? Is this very exposed MONDAY over yet???? I want Tuesday!!!
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Posted by Peggy:

Sorry your Monday played pretend...
I am glad you are still going to go for it with the article though! I mean really, what have you got to loose? Other then your pride right? And pride isn't any good for you anyways.
Monday, January 26th 2004 @ 4:15 PM

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