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Saturday, October 22nd 2005

2:25 PM

Strawberry Cheescake Sundae...

  • Feeling... A little blah
  • Pondering... Daniel 1

Yesterday, my oldest daughter and I headed up to see my midwife (about 45 minutes away) and stopped for lunch before making the drive back home.  We enjoyed joking around, chatting about whatever, and eating scrumptious sundaes.  She chose an oreo sundae while I went for the strawberry cheescake sundae: vanilla ice cream, real cheesecake chunks, strawberries smothered in strawberry sauce and whipped topping.  Oh it was delightful and we both felt stuffed and kinda yucky after lol.

I realize it's okay to treat myself on occasion, but I've been overboard lately.  Some of you will remember that on February 3rd of this year, God made it clear my addiction to sugar was to end immediately.  I hadn't had any sugar nor had I craved it since February 4th up until about a month and a half ago.  Can we say pregnancy cravings gone wild?  Arg.  I've excused it because I need to gain some weight, needed to 'eat for two', blah bah.  But I've gone overboard again. 

A couple of weeks ago, we read Daniel chapter one in our homegroup and I decided to study it again by myself the next day.  I was impressed by how Daniel and his three friends refused to defile their bodies with the King's food and wine.  They made a deal with the dude overseeing their health and education to allow them to eat their way for 10 days and then compare them to the other lads who were eating like kings.

They were healthier and more filled out than everyone else with a diet of vegetables and water.  The overseer allowed them to continue and their obedience was rewarded by God blessing them with knowledge and intelligence in every branch of literature and wisdom.  Daniel even understood all kinds of visions and dreams.  The king talked with them and found they were 10 times better than all the magicians and conjurers who were in all his realm. 

I've personally found that when I'm eating well and taking care of myself properly, my mind is crystal clear and I understand things much easier.  But when I eat junk, especially when I go overboard and the balance is off, my mind is in a fog and I can't concentrate well. 

God keeps bringing Daniel and his buddies to my mind and I'm thinking he's trying to tell me something lol.  My prenatal vitamins finally arrived.  It's time to limit the junk and focus mostly on the good food, take my vitamins (and other healthy things) and exercise again.  My birthday is next week (on the 29th) and my parents are sending me money in a card.  I plan on getting a pregnancy yoga DVD and another pregnancy exercise DVD. 

Ahhhh...a clear mind is on it's way.

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