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Sunday, May 1st 2005

12:00 PM

Procrastination...the one thing I do consistently

  • Feeling... frustrated with myself and desperate for change
  • Pondering... why I am the way I am...I don't think an answer is available
I was reading a blog the other day and the author was talking about procrastination.  Check it out here and then come back to hear my thoughts. 

(do de do de doooo)

 Back?  Okay good.  I could so relate to what she wrote.  I, likewise, used to pride myself on 'working well under pressure'.  Working well under pressure is great for those times when you have no choice, but to work like that all the time?  To live your life putting things off for whatever excuse you've given yourself that sounds semi-reasonable at the time is not wise. 

'Too late' will inevitably arrive.  My grandfather passed away in January and I had wanted to write him a letter...maybe call him and chat here and there.  I never did.  Well, I began a letter, but never finished it.  I regret that big time.  It's too late now.

I had to renew my cosmetology license and I put it off and then forgot about it.  Now I have to pay double if I can squeak out the cash.  It's too late to pay the cheaper rate now.

It has become such an ingrain habit to put things off that I'm not sure how to begin catching myself so I can convert to taking action instead.  Almost everything in my life is put off until tomorrow which ironically has another tomorrow to put things off on.  And it keeps going until it's too late. Until you miss a deadline or the chance is over or you now look incompentant or you're unreliable or you can't find it or it's become huge and overwhelming...

I desperately want to break the cycle.  Procrastination affects relationships, success, dreams, goals...how can I feel the satisfaction of accomplishing something if I always put it off and never do anything?

Why do I procrastinate on things I want to do or enjoy doing?  To me, it seems like a dumb thing to do lol, yet I do it and I'm not an idiot (although I've been known to resemble one at times).  How can I retrain myself into being a doer?  Part of my problem is that I've become lazy.  Inertia inevitably produces inertia.

I want to become a woman of momentum which produces yet more momentum.  How?  Any ideas? 

Anyone who likes to be bossy and who is organized, feel free to contact me and take me on as a project.  You can tell me to get off my bum and get busy and to shush up with any excuses I make.  I need someone tough..maybe a former drill sergeant?  Someone who will hold me accountable every day and if I procrastinate on answering you, yell at me and tell me to update you now.  

Seriously, I'm really open to help here.  My husband is begging you.

Do you know I only procrastinated two days on writing this entry?  Arg.

10 More Meandering Minds.

Posted by Audra Silva:

Thanks for the wisdom Nancy and the encouragement Kathleen and Peggy. :) I liked that phrase, too...I think God put it in my mind to ponder. :)
Saturday, May 7th 2005 @ 5:40 PM

Posted by A Mother's Love by Peggy:

I'd do the drill sergeant thing for ya, but I don't think it'd be good for our friendship. ;) lol

If you think our friendship can handle, it, I'm on. I do well when I'm pushing someone else. I think you know that already though. :P
Thursday, May 5th 2005 @ 6:32 PM

Posted by Kathleen Fuller:

I love the term "woman of momentum". I'd like to be that woman too. I also think Nancy made a good point about wanting to do things perfectly--I'm a bit of a perfectionist myself. Never thought that my procrastination would stem from that, but I think in some areas it does. Great post, Audra! And you only procrastinated two days--I think that's a start!:)
Monday, May 2nd 2005 @ 3:21 AM

Posted by Nancy Arant Williams:

I think much of procrastination is fear of failure to do things perfectly, and yet God doesn't feel that way. In fact, scripture says to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. Being paralyzed by fear (or whatever the cause) keeps us from God's best, so it stands to reason that we must use spiritual warfare in this battle as we do in other areas of struggle. God will take our imperfect gifts--our cup of cold water and bless it, multiplying it exponentially, as we step out and ask him what he would have us do, then simply obey whatever it is he says. We can do this!!
nancy williams
Sunday, May 1st 2005 @ 7:05 PM

Posted by Audra Silva:

Hi Heather...maybe I should start a group for it? Although we'd all procrastinate and not write in. hehehehe It's hard isn't it? I'm hoping to write some more soon about the topic.
Sunday, May 1st 2005 @ 5:28 PM

Posted by Heather Tipton:

Hello my name is Heather and I'm a procrastinator.... what? This isn't procrastinator's anonymous?
LOL Look I even procrastinated at being serious. I don't want a drill sergeant but I would love to not be a procrastinator any longer.
Sunday, May 1st 2005 @ 5:23 PM

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